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General Code

Most templates come with the necessary code already in place. This space is for documentation of the some of the less obvious options.


If no icon exists to display in a RelationshipBox, fill in the page field as follows. (Note: This replaces the old variant, RelationshipBoxNoImage.)

| page=no-image

The Title field is optional. If you don't wish to use it, give it the following value, and it will not display at all.

| Title=@@

You can add the hasNopage field (as below) to prevent the box from linking anywhere. It will still look for an icon to match the page field, so make sure said icon exists on the appropriate icons page. (Note: This replaces the old variant, RelationshipBoxLocal.)

| hasNoPage=-

Chronicle System Code

Special Cases

Drawback: Maimed

Indicate if the missing limb is an arm or leg with one of the following.

| arm=-
| leg=-

Drawback: Ward

Indicate if the reason for your wardship is a pact or defeat.

| pact=-
| defeat=-

Also identify your birth house and the foster house.
| birthHouse=-
| fosterHouse=-

Savage Worlds Code

Edges and Hindrances

To add a given Hindrance or Edge, use the following:

 [[include savage-worlds:hindrance-name-of-hindrance]]

 [[include savage-worlds:edge-name-of-edge]]

Sometimes, the code will call for additional variables, like so:

 [[include savage-worlds:hindrance-Pacifist | type=Minor]]

 [[include savage-worlds:edge-New-Power | detail1=succor]]

Hindrances that can be Major or Minor will always need their type specified. Edges and Hindrances that have individualized details that need to be filled in will have detail# fields, where # is the sequential number in the series of details for that Edge or Hindrance (which rarely exceeds 1).

Remember: If your Edge or Hindrance is specific to a given setting, the category will not be savage-worlds, but the category for that setting instead (e.g. rifts:edge-master-of-magic).

If you come across a Hindrance and the Type column is blank when rendered, it is because of a new method being used to indicate Minor or Major. In this case, instead of a type field, add one of the following:

| minor=-
| major=-

Many Edges have "improved" versions that can be taken later on. When an edge has an improved version, one of the following variables must be applied:

| standard=-
| improved=-

In rare cases, there might be more improved edges further along the improvement tree. In this case, simply begin numbering the variable (e.g. improved2, improved3, etc.).

Freeform Edges and Hindrances

If your Edge or Hindrance doesn't exist on the wiki yet, or you just want a more personalized description of it, use the following format:

 [[include savage-worlds:option | option= | type= | description=]]

Special Cases

Hindrance: Doubting Thomas

If using the Sanity rules from the Horror Companion, add the following variable:

| hasSanity=-

Hindrance: Slow

Characters with the Hindrance may also have a prosthesis or wheelchair, in which case the following variables may apply:

| hasProsthesis=-
| hasWheelchairManual=-
| hasWheelchairUltralight=-
| hasWheelchairPowered=-

Edge: Champion

When taking this Edge, choose one of the following variables:

| fightsEvil=-
| fightsGood=-

Edge: Familiar

If you take this Edge multiple times to gain additional familiar powers, using the following variables to display those powers:

| increaseAttribute=-
| familiarSenses=-
| combatEdges=-
| selfCast=-
| powerPoints=-

Edge: Holy/Unholy Warrior

When taking this Edge, choose one of the following variables:

| holy=-
| unholy=-

Edge: One of the Chosen

This Edge from the Horror Companion requires one of the following variables (offensive or defensive), depending on your choice when taking it. If you take both versions of the Edge, simply add both of the variables.

 [[include savage-worlds:edge-One-of-the-Chosen | offensive=- | defensive=-]]

Special Cases: Deadlands

Edge: Card Sharp

If the character is a huckster, include the following variable:

| isHuckster=-

Edge: Eureka!

Name the power being used with $detail1, and the sponsoring organization with $detail2. Furthermore, identify if the power's duration is maintainable or Instant.

| maintainable=-
| instant=-

Edge: Feet of Fury

| footSweep=-
| flyingKick=-
| spinKick=-

Edge: Knack

| bastard=-
| allHallowsEveMad=-
| allHallowsEveHuck=-
| christmas=-
| breechBirth=-
| seventhSon=-
| shootingStar=-
| spiritTouched=- | stPower=
| stormBorn=-

Edge: Officer

If the character is private (not corporal), NCO, or officer, indicate such with one of the following variables.

| private=-
| nco=-
| officer=-

Edge: Superior Kung Fu, Celestial Kung Fu

Each form you learn can be unlocked with the following code:

| drunkenStyle=-
| eagleClaw=-
| mantis=-
| monkey=-
| shaolinTemple=-
| shuaiChao=-
| taiChi=-
| tanTui=-
| wingChun=-

Edge: Whateley Blood

Aside from describing the character's mark with $detail1, you must also indicate whether it is unsettling or exotic.

| unsettling=-
| exotic=-

Special Cases: Deadlands Noir

Edge: Arcane Background (Syker)

If the character is a syker, include one of the following variables:

| trained=-
| wildTalent=-

Edge: Kung Fu

Each style you learn can be unlocked with the following code:

| confusion=-
| focus=-
| defensive=-
| power=-
| precision=-
| resilient=-
| speed=-
| toughness=-
| trickery=-

Special Cases: Shaintar

Edge: Frightening/Impressive

Include one of the following variables:

| frightening=-
| impressive=-

Edge: Improved Soul-Bonded Item

If the chosen power has no Duration, insert the following variable:

| noDuration=@@

If the character is as an Arcane Background, insert the following variable:

| hasArcaneBackground=@@

If the power has no extra effects, insert the following variable.

| noExtraEffects=@@

Edge: Kayakor Devotee

Each technique you learn can be unlocked with the following code:

| whirlingShield=-
| controlledRetreat=-
| oneHandedStrike=-
| hookAndTwist=-

Edge: Way Gifted

Include one of the following variables:

| power=-
| essence=-

Edge: Soulfinder

Each ability you learn can be unlocked with the following code:

| giftedHealer=-
| lifeBringer=-
| sender=-
| easeBringer=-

Edge: South-Born

Include one of the following variables:

| attributeIncrease=-
| skillPoints=-
| racialEdge=-

Edge: Kor-In

Each style you learn can be unlocked with the following code:

| whirlpool=-
| thunderbolt=-
| boulder=-
| monkey=-

Special Cases: Star Wars

Edges: Lightsaber Form, Improved Lightsaber Form

Each form you learn can be unlocked with the following code:

| shii-co=-
| makashi=-
| soresu=-
| ataru=-
| shien=-
| niman=-
| juyo=-


Mega Powers

If your character has access to Mega Powers, tag the page with the mega-powers tag. This will cause all Mega Powers for powers the character possesses to appear.

Storyteller System Code

Merits and Flaws

To add a given Merit or Flaw, use the following:

 [[include storyteller:merit-name-of-merit]]

 [[include storyteller:flaw-name-of-flaw]]

Sometimes, the code will call for additional variables, like so:

 [[include storyteller:merit-Acute-Sense | detail1=hearing]]

If the Merit or Flaw is worth a variable number of points, the code will need to reflect that.

 [[include storyteller:merit-Acute-Sense | detail1=hearing]]

Depending on how many points the Flaw gives, a variable like one of those below will likely need to be included.

| points1=-
| points2=-
| points3=-

Special Cases: Changeling: The Dreaming

Merit: Animalistic Favor

Include one of the following variables:

| 360Vision=-
| toughHide=-
| whipTail=-
| extraLegs=-
| flyFingers=-
| stinger=-
| venomousBite=-

Flaw: Addiction

Include one of the following variables:

| sedative=-
| stimulant=-

Flaw: Echoes

If taking more than 2 points, include the following as needed:

| moderate=-
| serious=-
| extreme=-
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