Brinchie Racial Abilities

  • Dexterous: Brinchie are incredibly nimble and quick on their feet, beginning with a d8 Agility. Furthermore, their natural maximum Agility is d12+2.
  • Fast: Brinchie begin with a Pace of 8” and “Run” of d10. If they take the Fleet-Footed Edge, this is increased to a Pace of 10” and a Running Die of d12.
  • Flighty: Brinchie are not deep thinkers; it requires double points to raise Smarts during character creation. As well, a brinchie can never raise his Smarts above d8.
  • Hot Blooded: Brinchie are from warm areas, and hate the cold. They receive a -4 penalty to resist frigid climes.
  • Low Light Vision: Brinchie have natural “night eyes.” Ignore attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
  • Natural Acrobats: Brinchie have the Acrobat Edge (no prerequisites required).
  • Natural Claws: Brinchie can do lethal damage with their bare hands (Str+d4). This means they are always considered “armed.”
  • Needs Action: When things are slow, the GM may require a Spirit check; failure means the brinchie character becomes irritable and unfocused. He temporarily gains the Mean Hindrance, and suffers a -1 distraction penalty on all Trait rolls until they get some kind of action.
  • Outsider: Brinchie are still seen by many as being tainted by their Norcan Darr origins and the average person is quite put off by their appearance.
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