Species Abilities - Nautolan
  • Amphibious: Nautolans can breathe both air and water, and can withstand the extreme pressures found in ocean depths. They get +2 to Pace when swimming.
  • Enhanced Smell: Nautolans add +2 to all scent-based Notice rolls, as well as to Notice rolls to detect deception. This bonus increases to +4 when underwater.
  • Low-Light Vision: Nautolans do not suffer penalties for Dim or Dark conditions.
  • Linguistic Limitation: Nautila can only be properly pronounced underwater. Nautolans have a harder time understanding non-aquatic languages, and suffer a -2 to Knowledge (Languages) or Common Knowledge rolls to understand other languages.
  • All Thumbs: Except where underwater technology is concerned, Nautolans have a bit harder time adapting to alien technology, and begin with the All Thumbs Hindrance (excepting Nautolan or other aquatic-based technology).
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