Rebellion follows the escape of Seyge Law, a Jedi, from execution by Order 66. She is aided by a clone commando named Caiden Kor who struggles with his new found individuality.

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Game Master: Reid
Players: Becca, Sean


Episode 1: Fugitives

The Law Dogs escaped the clutches of the Republic after Order 66 upon Botajef through a confrontation with other clones. After a battle with his former Lieutenant, they stole 2 ARC-170 starfighters and were able to make a jump to the Dathomir system through the chaotic battle between Separatist and Republic forces.

Having no money to repair their ships, the Law Dogs had to trade services with the Dathomir orbital station administrator Jordy Brazil. Jordy first had them get Grubba the Hutt to lose his money gambling and force him off the station with the Rancor he purchased for his cousin Jabba. Then, when Gethzerion, a night witch, invaded the station forcing civilians to attack each other through mind control, Jordy asked them to take care of her too. The Law Dogs feeling their debt was paid, left the station. On their way to Seyge's homeworld in the Pacanth Reach, they found a letter from Jordy stating that he would cover their escape from the Republic even if it meant his life.

Upon reaching Panatha, the Law Dogs, found that Seyge's mother, Ambassador and Jedi Zi Law, had retreated into hiding. Through some negotiation and a display of honor from Caiden, the location of Zi was provided to the Law Dogs. During this time, Seyge and Caiden discovered an emotional bond between one another and for the first time expressed that intimacy physically.

Soon, they piloted their way to an ancient Panathic ruin and found Zi there in hiding from the Republic. While they were there, Darth Cabal had been waiting for someone to expose Zi and tracked the Law Dogs to find them. A battle ensued between the clone troopers and the Law Dogs while Zi and Seyge both fought against Darth Cabal in a lightsaber duel. The Law Dogs won out while Zi was mortally wounded from a blaster rifle during the battle.

Luckily, Zi was saved through the healing powers of Seyge and they returned to Panatha City to request an alliance. Panatha agreed to a secret alliance and gave them a ship, 20 Teräs Käsi monks, and would be able to make contact with Panatha through Corin: a commander who know Seyge when she was a child.

Word reached Panatha, that the Chancellor Palpatine had declared that the Republic was no more and it would now become an Empire with him serving it's head as the Emperor. The Law Dogs knew they had to leave quickly, gather the monks, and leave the system. Now that they had Panatha in a secret alliance, the Law Dogs knew their rebellion had just started.

Episode 2: Alliance

Episode 3: War


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Law Dogs

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Caiden Kor Seyge Law

Crimson Maw Crew

The crew of the Crimson Maw are no friends of the Galactic Empire. Corso is their leader.


Coynite Gunner


Chip Engmar
Young Mechanic


Trebor Cortez
Assistant Engineer


Lorenzo Bale
Sensors / Communications


Chenten Werdna
Sullustan Co-Pilot

Rebel Alliance

Formed when Seyge Law and Caiden Kor saved Ambassador Zi Law from the dark Jedi, Darth Cabal. Panatha allied itself secretly with the newly formed Rebel Alliance.


Zi Law
Ambassador / Council Member


Corin Ferris
Panatha Liaison

Teräs Käsi Monks

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Endun Hiro
Teräs Käsi Master


Garin Sosh
Teräs Käsi Master


Pon Law
Teräs Käsi Master (Deceased)

Important People


Jordy Brazil
Information Broker


Voss Parck
Captain of the Victory-class Star Destroyer Strikefast


Vio Shyas
Kaminoan Geneticist


Ruk Bargo
Corso's Rodian Contact

New Blood

A new band of heroes who are trying to make a difference in the galaxy while avenging something personal.


Chuarrar Zyakkun
Sullustan Pilot


Planetary Systems / Corporations

Panatha / Pacanth Reach (Secret)

Home to the Epicanthix, Panatha is on the side of the Rebel Alliance because of the assassination attempt against one of their ambassadors, Zi Law.

Koensayr Manufacturing

Creators of the Y-Wing, Koensayr Manufacturing has agreed to supply the Rebellion with Y-Wings as long as they can secure the funding from Panatha. They have initially given 8 Y-Wings for the design of the Mantis-class assault shuttle.


Followers of Palawa

The last of the monks from the monastery on Bunduki in the Panathic Reach who studied under Seyge Law's father, Pon Law. They practice Teräs Käsi, a martial art focusing on battle against a Jedi. They will come in useful when battling Emperor Palpatine's dark Jedi. There are 20 Palawa Monk Initiates travelling with the Law Dogs as well as two masters of the order, Endun Hiro and Garin Sosh.


A primitive culture who hold Caiden, Seyge, and Corso in high regard. Their effectiveness is very limited against advanced technology like blasters. The Odrosi currently reside on Odrosis as they will not be joining any battles outside the planet.



YV-666 Light Freighter


Space Speed: 5 SU
Crew: 1+10; gunners: 1
Toughness: 21 (3)
Shields: 1 (d6)
Cost: $210,000 (new); $100,000 (used)
Cargo: 20 metric tons
Notes: Starship scale, Spacecraft/Atmospheric, Heavy Armor, Hyperdrive

  • Medium Ion Cannon (Turret, Two Barrels +2 damage, retractable)


Mantiss-class Assault Shuttle


Space Speed: 6 SU;
Crew: 1+10; gunners: 2
Toughness: 17 (5);
Shields: 4 (d6);
Notes: Starship scale, Spacecraft/Atmospheric, Heavy Armor, Hyperdrive

  • 2 Medium Laser Cannons (Fire-Linked +1; forward)
  • Medium Laser Cannon (Turret, Two Barrels +2 damage, retractable)
  • Light Auto-Blaster Cannon Turret (Shooting d4; turret)
  • Cluster Missiles (Payload 4; forward)

Nu-class Shuttle


Space Speed: 5 SU;
Crew: 1+30; gunners: 1
Toughness: 17 (5);
Shields: 3 (d8);
Notes: Starship scale, Spacecraft/Atmospheric, Heavy Armor, Hyperdrive

  • 2 Medium Laser Cannons (Fire-Linked +1; forward)
  • Medium Laser Cannon (Turret, Two Barrels +2 damage, retractable)


Y-Wing Starfighters (8)

Space Speed: 7 SU;
Crew: 1; gunners: 1; astromech droid: 1
Toughness: 15 (5);
Shields: 3 (d8);
Cost: $135,000
Notes: Starship scale, Spacecraft/Atmospheric, Heavy Armor, Targeting Computer, Hyperdrive

  • 2 Medium Laser Cannons (Fire-Linked +1; forward)
  • 2 Light Ion Cannons (Fire-Linked +1; rear)
  • Proton Torpedoes (Payload 6)

ARC-170 Starfighters (2)

Space Speed: 6 SU;
Crew: 1; gunners: 2; astromech droid: 1
Toughness: 13 (3);
Shields: 2 (d6);
Cost: $155,000
Notes: Starship scale, Spacecraft/Atmospheric, Heavy Armor, Targeting Computer, Sensor Jamming System (-2 to enemy Targeting Computer bonus within 50 SU), Hyperdrive

  • 2 Medium Laser Cannons (Fire-Linked +1; forward)
  • 2 Medium Laser Cannons (Fire-Linked +1; rear)
  • Proton Torpedoes (Payload 6)
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