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The main floor of Hyperspace

Hyperspace is an upscale nightclub on Nar Shaddaa, owned and operated by Orgo the Hutt, who can usually be scene schmoozing with his patrons. It is a sleek and trendy establishment, especially for the Smuggler's Moon. But even Nar Shaddaa has its wealthy elite and important visitors, to whom the club primarily caters.

The establishment takes up the top three floors of one of the tallest spires in the Vertical City. The topmost floor is actually Orgo's personal penthouse, and it is by far the most fortified part of the building. The middle floor is the main club, while the lowest of the three floors is The Blind Jump, a cantina that serves as the initial entrance to the club, as well as a less exclusive hangout for those that can't get in the door of Hyperspace. The building itself is owned by Orgo, though he leases most of it to other businesses and tenants. The club can be reached by turbolift from any other floor. Though only The Blind Jump can be reached via skywalks and landing platforms.

A dancer on one of the many small stages

The club is designed with a lot of curves and asymmetrical architecture. Combined with the predominantly blue lighting, this is ostensibly to mimic the experience of traveling through hyperspace. In truth, it also serves to keep patrons disoriented, and clever draws their attention toward the bar and the various small stages where Orgo's dancing girls perform…and away from the exit. It's all about keeping people in the club and spending money.

The lounge

The dance floor is usually full (due in no small part to the scantily clad women planted there to attract the crowd), and moving with the same muted energy that seems to permeate the entire club. Those that would rather not dance can relax at the bar, or in any one of a number of the circular booths (each with only one exit point; yet another means of keeping people from leaving easily), where they will be waited on. Those that prefer a respite from the constantly moving lights and thumping music can retire to the lounge, a semi-secluded area bathed in warm lighting, and equipped with noise-bafflers over every table — making it an ideal place for a quiet conversation.

The Promenade

Aside from the difficult-to-locate hall leading to the barely-noticeable turbolift, the there are only three other exits from Hyperspace. One is Orgo's personal lift, which is heavily guarded by a pair of IG-100 MagnaGuard droids. The others aren't exactly exits, but rather two separate doors which lead to either end of the Promenade — a large balcony that provides a magnificent view of the Nar Shaddaa skyline. The actual residents of Nar Shaddaa are usually in on the joke, as they know that there is no such magnificent view. But a cleverly concealed Zeltron-designed hologram emitter casts a holographic filter over the scenery, making the polluted cityscape actually look colorful and exotic. Of course, this only works when aided by the cover of night. In the light of day, not only would the hologram be more obvious, but it would do little to conceal the filth of the Smuggler's Moon.

The Blind Jump

The Blind Jump

The cantina below Hyperspace is the bottleneck for those without the clout, wealth, or beauty to be permitted into the club. It's still rather nice as cantinas go, kept clean and respectable. This is no backwater Rim-world bar. Undesirable patrons are usually served one drink and asked to leave. Those that become violent are ejected by security. It's the kind of place people come to socialize, forget their troubles for a while, and maybe find a date.

Most nights the bar is tended by a somber, gray-skinned Herglic called Ango. Though he doesn't talk much, he can often be inspired to speak with a generous tip, and often what he has to say is worth hearing.

There is some entertainment in The Blind Jump. Some of Orgo's girls work the cantina, usually serving drinks or singing on the single stage, but also tempting customers with their other services. Now and then, a notable band will play, but it is usually just moderately talented locals hoping to get their break and get off of Nar Shaddaa.

Characters of Note

Orgo the Hutt

Orgo the Hutt


Hyperspace is Orgo's pride and joy, and he takes special care to play host every night and make certain his guests are all enjoying the luxury he offers. It is considered a great honor to be invited to Orgo's personal booth.



Dancer and Orgo's Assistant

Oriana has long been a star attraction of the club. When Orgo realized what a keen mind she possessed, she began taking on a greater role than entertainment, moving into administration. When Orgo is not present, Oriana's voice is considered Orgo's voice.

Danika Prin

Danika Prin


One of the newer dancers, but she is quickly becoming a favorite.

Ango Greev

Ango Greev


Ango is the Herglic bartender of The Blind Jump.

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