Power - Clairvoyance
Power Clairvoyance Rank Seasoned Power Points 3+ Range Varies Duration 3 (1/round)

Clairvoyance allows the caster to see people, places, and things outside their normal sight. The Range varies depending on the Arcane skill roll. A success gives the caster a Range equal to her Spirit × 10 in miles, and a raise increases that to Spirit × 100 miles. Walls, doors, and other barriers do not hamper clairvoyance in any way, though magical barriers may block it at the GM’s discretion. While it’s active, the user of this power can shift the point of observation to anywhere within her Range as a free action.

When using clairvoyance, the caster chooses a single sense (usually sight) to project. For each additional 1 PP she spends at casting, she may add an additional sense; this does not affect maintenance costs.

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