Portrait of Flicktail
Name: Flicktail
Aliases: Flick
Rank: Mate
Heritage: Brinchie
Birthplace: Eastport
Occupation: Sailor
Affiliation: Crew of the Chainbreaker (former)


Orphaned in the streets of Eastport, Flicktail would have most likely perished shortly after his parents if not for an old human named Culbert taking the cub under his leaky roof. Like Flick, the elderly man had grown up on the streets of Eastport after his mother succumbed to illness. Culbert learned to survive by taking what he couldn't afford. Too old to pick pockets or scamper on rooftops any longer, Culbert taught Flick how to burgle and thieve. Though relatively small-time, Flicktail's "earnings" were enough to keep them fed.

Flick grew into quite a skilled larcenist; nimble and tiny, he was able to squeeze into places no human could. When he unknowingly stole a precious piece of jewelry before a local thieves' guild got to it, he attracted the attention of the Mockery. Culbert knew that Flick wasn't made for that dark and labyrinthine world, and though it saddened him to do it, he arranged for his "son" to leave Eastport.

Some years before, Culbert had given refuge to a pirate called Captain Idaris after the man had upset a prominent member of the Saddler family (something to do with a daughter). Realizing that Idaris's ship, the Chainbreaker, was in port, Culbert called in his favor, compelling Idaris to take Flicktail on board. It was only meant to be a temporary voyage, getting Flick to somewhere else in the Freelands, away from the influence of the Mockery. But the brinchie came to enjoy the seafaring life, and soon the crew discovered just how valuable the little one's skills could be. So Flick was invited to stay aboard.





Surrogate Father

Flick hasn't seen his human father in years, heeding the old man's warnings about the Mockery. Whenever the Chainbreaker came to Eastport, he stayed aboard the ship, out of sight. He misses Culbert deeply, and worries for his health.



Character Sheet


Agility Dice_Fill-ins_d10.png
Smarts Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Spirit Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Strength Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Vigor Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png


  • Galean

Secondary Statistics

Add to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls
Run: +d10; -2 on other actions this round
2 + half Fighting die type
2 + half Vigor die type
5 (1)
Modified by Value and Availability

*With other brinchie.

Permanent Injuries


Athletics (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Boating (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Fighting (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Healing (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Intimidation (Spirit) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Investigation (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Battle) (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Notice (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Perform (Spirit) Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Persuasion (Spirit) Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Repair (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Riding (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Shooting (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Stealth (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d10.png
Streetwise (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Survival (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Taunt (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Thievery (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d10.png +2
Tracking (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png

Defining Interests

Interest Modifier

Brinchie Racial Abilities

  • Dexterous: Brinchie are incredibly nimble and quick on their feet, beginning with a d8 Agility. Furthermore, their natural maximum Agility is d12+2.
  • Fast: Brinchie begin with a Pace of 8” and “Run” of d10. If they take the Fleet-Footed Edge, this is increased to a Pace of 10” and a Running Die of d12.
  • Flighty: Brinchie are not deep thinkers; it requires double points to raise Smarts during character creation. As well, a brinchie can never raise his Smarts above d8.
  • Hot Blooded: Brinchie are from warm areas, and hate the cold. They receive a -4 penalty to resist frigid climes.
  • Low Light Vision: Brinchie have natural “night eyes.” Ignore attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
  • Natural Acrobats: Brinchie have the Acrobat Edge (no prerequisites required).
  • Natural Claws: Brinchie can do lethal damage with their bare hands (Str+d4). This means they are always considered “armed.”
  • Needs Action: When things are slow, the GM may require a Spirit check; failure means the brinchie character becomes irritable and unfocused. He temporarily gains the Mean Hindrance, and suffers a -1 distraction penalty on all Trait rolls until they get some kind of action.
  • Outsider: Brinchie are still seen by many as being tainted by their Norcan Darr origins and the average person is quite put off by their appearance.


Hindrance Type Description
Outsider Flick is a brinchie. Locals are likely to raise prices on outsiders, ignore pleas for help, and generally treat them as if they are of a lower class than the rest of their society. Outsiders subtract 2 from Persuasion rolls made to influence those who aren't their own kind.
Curious Major It killed the cat, and it might kill this character as well. Curious characters are easily dragged into any adventure. They have to check out everything and always want to know what’s behind a potential mystery.
Small Minor {$detail1} Size is reduced by 1, which reduces Toughness as well. Size cannot be reduced below –1, but the Toughness penalty remains.
Quirk Minor Flick is aggressively affectionate with the people he trusts. He aggressively rubs up against people, tries to position himself under their hands, and can sometimes be found sleeping on or near their beds…even when the door was locked.


Edge Type Description
Acrobat Professional

The Acrobat gets one free reroll on Athletics totals that involve balance, tumbling, or grappling. It doesn't affect rolls to interrupt actions, climb, swim, or throw.

Thief Professional In urban areas, add +1 to Athletics (climbing) and Stealth rolls. Thieves also add +1 to all Thievery rolls.
Adroit x 1 Racial This Edge increases Agility one die type and the maximum Agility cap by +1. This does not count towards the normal attribute increases per Rank. This Edge may be taken once per Rank.
Natural Climber Racial The brinchie gains +2 to all Athletics checks for climbing. Furthermore, they can ascend at twice the normal rate (their Strength die per round) with any kind of handholds or surface that can be clawed into.


Weapon Range Damage RoF AP Shots Min Str Weight Notes
Short Sword - Str+d6 - - - {$minStr} 4 lb. -
Sling 4/8/16 Str+d4 1 - 1 {$minStr} 1 lb. -


Armor Type Armor Bonus Min Str Weight Notes
Partial Leather +1 {$minStr} 10 lb. Coverage: -2


  • Lockpicks, Master Quality (+2 Lockpicking)


Total Advances: {$totalAdvances} Rank: Novice
Rank Advance
Novice Natural Climber
Novice Stealth d10, Thievery d10
Novice Boating d4, Fighting d6


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