Edge - Rage Master
Rage Master Racial A Rage Master gains the effects of the Berserk Edge. They can enter this state at will by spending a Benny.
Berserk Background

Immediately after suffering a Wound or a Shaken result (from physical damage only), the character must make a Smarts roll or go Berserk. They can voluntarily fail this check if they like.

Going Berserk has the following effects:

  • Fury: The character’s Strength increases a die type and every melee attack must be a Wild Attack. They cannot use any skills that require wit or concentration (GM’s call). They may scream out threats and use Intimidation, for example.
  • Enraged: Adrenaline and rage fuel the berserker's muscles, adding +2 to Toughness. They ignore one level of Wound penalties (this stacks with any other abilities that reduce Wound penalties).
  • Reckless Abandon: Anytime a berserker rolls a Critical Failure on a Fighting check, they hit a random target within range of their attack (not the intended target), friend or foe. If there are no applicable targets, the blow simply misses, smashes nearby objects, etc.

After five consecutive rounds of berserk fury, the character takes a level of Fatigue. At ten rounds, they take another level of Fatigue and the rage ends. They may also choose to end the rage at any time by making a Smarts −2 roll (as a free action; possibly avoiding Fatigue if they manage to end the rage before it's incurred!). Start the count anew if they go berserk again, even in the same battle.

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