Savage Worlds


The following game elements are live on the wiki:

Source Hindrances Edges Powers
Savage Worlds Deluxe X X X
House Rules Companion X X X
Fantasy Companion X X X
Horror Companion X X X
Science Fiction Companion X X
Super Powers Companion
Deadlands Player's Guide X X X
Deadlands: According to Hoyle* X X X
Deadlands Noir X X X
Deadlands Noir Companion X X X
Firefly Campaign Guide
Freeport Companion
Shaintar: Legends Arise X X
Shaintar: Legends Unleashed
Shaintar Guidebook: Shaya'Nor
Star Wars Campaign Guide X X X
Rifts: The Tomorrow Legion Players Guide X X X
Weird Wars Rome

*This document contains material from The Flood, The Last Sons, Stone and a Hard Place, and Good Intentions.


Deadlands Noir Deadlands: Setting Setting Rifts: Setting Shaintar Setting Star Wars:Setting
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