Power - Suppress Lycanthropy
Power Suppress Lycanthropy Rank Veteran Power Points 6 Range Touch Duration One night

Few curses are as terrible as that of lycanthropy, but for those afflicted, there is hope. This rare spell (which should be found only at the end of a lengthy and dangerous quest) gives lycanthropes a chance to avoid their involuntary changes on nights of the full moon (or other trigger).

The lycanthrope may make a Vigor roll; +2 if the caster scored a raise, to resist the change for one night of the full moon. With a failure, the lycanthrope assumes his animal form.

Permanent Change: If cast as a ritual, the lycanthrope gains control of his transformation. This requires the heart of a greater creature of the same type (a Wild Card), and one or two other rare materials—such as a fragment of meteorite or a vampire’s fangs.

Unfortunately, if the ritual fails, the lycanthrope is trapped forever in its feral form, becoming an enraged predator under the Game Master’s control.

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