Power - Summon Demon
Power Summon Demon Rank Veteran Power Points Special Range Smarts x 2 Duration Smarts x Hours

Most heroes would never seek to consort with the denizens of Hell. But occasionally, such a feat may be required.

The cost to summon a demon is equal to its Spirit die, or twice its Spirit die if it’s a Wild Card (most powerful demons are).

If the roll is successful, the demon appears. If the creature was not summoned into a summoning circle or other binding, it likely attacks its caster before it can be given a task. See page 30 of the Horror Companion for binding the demon through occult means, and the bind entity spell for trapping it with arcane power.

Tasks: Once a demon is summoned, and assuming it is bound or otherwise disposed to discussion, the summoner must make a bargain with it. This is an opposed test of Spirits. Record the results secretly.

  • Failure: The demon is uncontrolled and in complete control of its actions. It cannot directly harm the caster but is otherwise free to roam the earth and do as it pleases for 6d6 days. If it happens to roll three 6s on this roll (no more, no less), it remains in the mortal world until slain or banished.
  • Success: The demon basically follows the instructions it’s given but looks for every opportunity to ruin things for the cretin who summoned it. Only if directly chastised or supervised does the demon "behave".
  • Raise: The demon follows the spirit of the summoner's instructions as well as the letter. It may still cause additional mayhem—it is a demon, after all—but in general it performs as the caster desires.

Casting Time: The casting time to summon a demon is one minute per Power Point spent.

Specialized Demons: Some demons might only answer specific requests. A demon of vengeance, for example, may only be tasked with exacting vengeance of some sort. This is entirely up to the Game Master, the setting, and the description of the creature.

Communication: Note that demons are not (generally) telepathic. If the summoner plans on sending the demon out of sight, he’d best give it very specific instructions. Intelligent demons may be given physical equipment (such as cell phones or transmitters in modern settings), but whether or not they actually use these tools is entirely up to them.

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