Power - Grave Speak
Power Grave Speak Rank Seasoned Power Points 4 Range Touch Duration 3 (1/round)

It is said the dead know many secrets, and through the black arts a mage can reach beyond death to contact departed souls. Though not evil, many good spellcasters avoid using this power for they feel it disturbs those who have earned their rest.

In order for this spell to work, it must be directed toward a particular soul. The caster must either know the name of the deceased or possess a personal item, which includes their corpse, or any part of it at least, as well as a treasured item.

If the spell succeeds, a ghostly voice makes itself known and may be questioned. One question may be asked for each round the spell is active.

The spirit contacted is not necessarily friendly and can lie, but it may not refuse to answer or make guesses. The Game Master must decide what information the entity knows—the spirit is not omnipotent and typically knows only what it knew in life up to the moment of its death.

A roll of a 1 on the caster’s arcane skill, regardless of Wild Die, may summon up a demon or other hostile entity. While these spirits cannot usually affect the caster when contacted in this way (they’re not summoned), it may try to convince him it is the person he sought, then feed him inaccurate or dangerous information to lead the character to his death.

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