Power - Consecrate Ground
Power Consecrate Ground Rank Seasoned Power Points 3 Range Large Burst Template Duration 1 minute (1/minute)

Consecrated ground is an anathema to evil creatures. Through the use of this power, an area of holy ground is created, filling a Large Burst Template centered on the caster.

Any supernatural evil creature entering the area must make a Spirit roll or suffer a –2 penalty to all Trait rolls while within the effects of the spell. The penalty is –4 with a raise on the casting roll.

Permanently consecrating an area, like a church or temple, is possible, but not usually within the confines of an adventure. High ranking priests, valuable oils and unguents, and saintly or other holy relics may be required, as is some sort of altar or other focus of worship. At the end of the day, only a deity can permanently consecrate an area—everything else is just to get the god’s attention.

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