Power - Bolt
Power Bolt Rank Novice Power Points 1 per missile Range 12/24/48 Duration Instant

Bolt is a standard attack power of wizards, and can also be used for ray guns, bursts of energy, streaks of holy light, and other ranged attacks. The damage of the bolt is 2d6.

Additional Bolts: The character may cast up to 3 bolts by spending a like amount of Power Points. The bolts may be spread among targets as the character chooses. This is rolled just like fully-automatic weapons fire but without the full auto penalty—the character rolls a spellcasting die for each bolt and compares each to the Target Number separately. If the caster is a Wild Card, he also rolls a Wild Die, which may replace any of the casting dice.
Additional Damage: The caster may instead cast a single 3d6 bolt for 2 Power Points. He may not cast multiple bolts when using this ability.

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