Power - Banish Entity
Power Banish Entity Rank Seasoned Power Points Special Range Smarts Duration Instant

Banish entity forces extradimensional entities back to their own realm. Generally, any entity that can be summoned can be banished.

The cost to invoke this spell is equal to the entity’s Spirit die type, and double that if the entity is a Wild Card. A Wild Card demon with a Spirit die of d10 therefore requires 20 Power Points to banish. Since most casters don’t have so many Power Points, they often rely on rituals or devices.

The spellcaster must be within Range of the target and make an arcane skill roll opposed by the entity’s Spirit. With a success, the entity is instantly driven back to its own realm, though it is not destroyed. On a failure, the entity is free to continue its business and suffers no ill effects. The caster is automatically Fatigued from the effort (in addition to Backlash if a 1 was rolled on the arcane skill die).

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