Edge - Arcane Background (Ritual Magic)
Arcane Background (Ritual Magic) Background

Ritualists learn to cast spells in a slow methodical fashion. While they don’t have the same innate power as magicians or sorcerers, their spells are safer and more reliable. {$detail1}

Mechanics: Casting a spell for a ritualist consumes their entire action; they cannot take any other actions while doing so. In addition, they may only move half their Pace in a round in which they are casting. Ritualists must also use their hands to perform their rituals. Normally, they use both hands, but they may attempt to perform a ritual with only one hand at a –2 penalty (and at an additional –2 if attempted with their off hand).

Ritual Backlash: Using rituals is much safer than other forms of magic, but still entails a slight risk. A ritualist is Shaken if he rolls a critical failure when casting a spell.

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