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Arcane Background (Alchemy) Background

Alchemy is the creation of magic through potions, salves, unguents, or other concoctions. {$detail1}

To create a potion, the alchemist needs access to at least a small lab (such as might be carried in a trunk) and one hour per spell Rank (a Novice spell takes one hour to imbue into a potion).

At the end of the required time, the alchemist makes an Alchemy roll and pays the relevant Power Points. These Power Points are not recovered until the potion is consumed or destroyed (poured on the ground, dispelled, etc.). At that point they return to the caster at the usual rate (typically one per hour).

If the casting roll is successful, the potion is complete. It can be used as a single action by any living being. The effects of the potion are the same as the spell. This includes any additional effects from raises on the original Alchemy roll.

Range: Any spell with a Range of Touch, Sight, or Self requires the potion to be drunk or smeared onto the body, as deemed
appropriate for the effect. Spells with range brackets or based on an attribute usually require the potion to be thrown, depending on the effect. This requires a Throwing roll and ranges are reduced to 3/6/12.

Duration: Alchemical powers last as per regular powers, though the alchemist may put extra Power Points into the potion to make it last longer. This must be determined during creation — not when drunk.

Labs: Most alchemists have a portable lab, allowing them to create potions as and when needed. Access to a laboratory grants a +2 bonus to Alchemy rolls, whereas access to an alchemic guildhouse or similar workshop grants a +4 bonus.

Alchemic Backlash: If an alchemist rolls a 1 on the Alchemy die, regardless of Wild Die, roll on the Alchemic Backlash table (Fantasy Companion, page 24).

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