Portrait of Otaktay
Portrayed by Kalani Queypo
Name: Otaktay
Aliases: Kills Many
Rank: Leader of the Braves
Race: Human
Birthplace: Sioux Nations, Earth DL-001
Affiliation: Sioux Nations (former)
Occupation: Brave


Otaktay was a warrior and hunter for his small village. He earned his name, which means "Kills Many", during his first battle against an enemy tribe, in which he personally took the lives of eight foes. Since then, he has been considered a ferocious defender of his people.

When the Splugorth came, even Otaktay was no match for them. But they recognized the strength of this primitive warrior, and how well it would serve in the arena. So they chose to capture him instead of kill him. Few of his village received the same "mercy". A handful of other braves were taken, along with the most attractive young women. The rest were killed.

In captivity, he met Ehawee, an old woman from another Sioux village that had been raided. She was their chief's wife, and had done well guiding her people after his death. Otaktay was no leader, but he was the closest thing his people had. So he threw in with Ehawee, looking to her for wisdom, and she became the elder for their new "tribe". As for Otaktay himself, he has become the tribe's primary defender, backed by the handful of braves that survived.


(A Future Strange and Terrible 05) CouncilSummary: The leaders of the fugitives meet in council to discuss their current situation and how they will provide safety for everyone.

(A Future Strange and Terrible 03) EscapeSummary: The heroes lead a mass exodus of the prisoners from the slave ship.




Otaktay has said that Ehawee is as wise as any man. Maybe more so, for she knew better than to fight what could not be fought, and many more of her people are alive because of that decision.



Ehawee claimed that Ohanzee was sent by the spirits to help the Sioux. But Otaktay can see that he was captured along with everyone else. How powerful can he truly be? He had to turn to the wasichu for help to escape the evil ones.


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