Lord Coake
Portrait of Lord Coake
Portrayed by Clive Owen
Name: Lord Coake
Rank: Lord
Race: Human
Birthplace: Palladium
Affiliation: Order of the Cyber-Knights,
The Tomorrow Legion
Occupation: Leader of the Cyber-Knights


Lord Coake was born on another world, a place of fantasy and magic. He was swept away through a Rift and ended up on Rifts Earth with some of his fellow adventurers. A lifelong champion of good, Lord Coake participated in an attack to destroy a powerful demon in Wyoming. After this event, he gained a following of warriors who wished to learn his ways. From that beginning, Lord Coake founded the famous order of Cyber-Knights who defended the weak across Rifts Earth and fought evil for centuries.

When the siege on Tolkeen began, Lord Coake ordered the Cyber-Knights to stay out of the conflict. He made this weighty decision based on the willingness of Tolkeen to work with demons and supernatural evils in order to defend themselves, and that was a line he did not wish to cross. Unfortunately, the siege on Tolkeen sundered the brotherhood Lord Coake had worked so hard to build.

Roughly half of the Cyber-Knights were unable to reconcile their ideals with avoiding the war, and went to fight the Coalition on Tolkeen’s behalf. The horrors of war are enough to break the best of men, and this schism in the ranks of the Cyber-Knights plunged many into despair. It was this event, above all others, that motivated Lord Coake to found a new group of heroes: the Tomorrow Legion.



Erin Tarn

Erin Tarn


No heart beats truer than that of Erin Tarn.

Dame Evaine

Dame Evaine


One of Lord Coake's many loyal Cyber-Knights. He personally trained this one, seeing great potential in her.

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