Letizia Genovese
Portrait of Letizia Genovese
Portrayed by Sienna Miller
Name: Letizia Genovese
Aliases: Tizia
Rank: Donna
Race: Human
Birthplace: Genova, Italy, Earth RD-718
Occupation: Noblewoman


Donna Letizia Genovese was the third daughter of Don Benito of Genova and a source of great stress for her father. He had long since married off her two sisters, but finding a match for Letizia proved difficult. Ever since she was a child, Letizia was a willful girl, full of independence and wanderlust. She would wear trousers to go riding, come home covered in mud, and even get into an occasional fight with boys. Scandalous!

Donna Letizia, actually dressed like a noblewoman

Needless to say, Letizia did not have a reputation for behaving like a lady. Even as an adult, she was outspoken and impulsive. She had strong opinions on politics and economic matters, and little interest in more "feminine" pursuits. In short, she was disruptive to the social order. As such, in spite of a very generous dowry, there did not seem to be a nobleman in all of Italy that wanted her for a wife.

In a last-ditch effort to attract someone to court his daughter, Don Benito sent her on a year-long tour of Italy, visiting the courts of nearly every eligible lord in the country. That is how she ended up in Rialto one fateful night. She was supposed to be attending a party being held by Don Alessandro Orsini — a gala to raise funds for the orphans for Rialto. She did make an appearance…for about ten minutes, just long enough to be seen so she could claim she was there. Then, the bored young lady slipped away to go to a gambling house across the river for some real fun.

When the demons came, it was the first time in Letizia's life that she regretted not doing what she was told. They took her, along with many others, and dragged her to Hell. She was certain that she was damned; at long last, the Devil had come to punish her for her sinful life. But then, there he was…Don Alessandro Orsini came to rescue her and all of the people that the demons had captured.

Though free of the demons' clutches, Letizia is not convinced that this "new world" is not Hell. It is full of monsters and horrors…though some claim to be friends. For now, all she can do is follow Don Alessandro's lead and trust his judgement until she has enough footing to make her own determinations.



Don Alessandro Orsini

Don Alessandro Orsini

Noble of Heart

Letizia seems to be putting her faith in Don Alessandro to keep her safe. She once treated him like every other stuffy nobleman her father tried to foist her upon, but he is quickly proving that he is made of more respectable stuff.


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