Evaine Darrow
Portrait of Evaine Darrow
Portrayed by Karen Gillan
Name: Evaine Darrow
Aliases: Evie
Rank: Dame
Race: Human
Birthplace: England
Affiliation: The Tomorrow Legion
Occupation: Cyber-Knight


A native of Scotland, Evaine was caught in a rift that deposited her in North America. Injured, alone, and stranded in the Magic Zone, she had the good fortune to be found and rescued by Lord Coake himself. She was brought back to a Cyber-Knight stronghold and nursed back to health. She had grown up on ancient legends, and dreamed of one day joining King Arr'thuu's Knights of New Camelot. It was natural that she asked to join Coake's order and become a Cyber-Knight.

Evaine had been knighted mere months before the war in Tolkeen that split the order. Loyal to Lord Coake to the last, she stayed out of the conflict and eventually followed him to Castle Refuge to join the fledgling Tomorrow Legion. She has played a significant role in training and organizing many of the new recruits arriving to join the Legion.



Lord Coake

Lord Coake


The man is a legend. Fie on those that betrayed him at Tolkeen. They are no true knights. I will always obey my lord, until my dying breath.


Dame Evaine Darrow


Agility: Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Smarts: Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Spirit: Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Strength: Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Vigor: Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png


  • English
  • Euro

Secondary Statistics

Add to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls
Run: +d12; -2 on other actions this round
2 + half Fighting die type
2 + half Vigor die type
2 + half Notice die type
Take 1 Fatigue level per point above Max Strain
Maximum Strain
Lower of Vigor or Spirit

Permanent Injuries


Driving (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Fighting (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d12.png
Healing (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Intimidation (Spirit): Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Investigation (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Knowledge (Arcana) (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Battle) (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Knowledge (Computers) (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Cybernetics) (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Electronics) (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Engineering) (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (History) (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Medicine) (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Politics) (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Science) (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Notice (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Perform (Spirit): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Persuasion (Spirit): Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Piloting (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Psionics (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Repair (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Riding (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Shooting (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Stealth (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Streetwise (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Survival (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Taunt (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Thievery (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Throwing (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Tracking (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png

Iconic Framework

Cyber-Knight Abilities and Bonuses

  • Cyber-Armor: As a free action, Cyber-Knights can summon an organic metal shell, granting +2 Toughness.
  • Cyberkinetic Combat: Any purely technology-based attacks, such as lasers, rail guns, and vibro-blades, suffer a −2 to hit a Cyber-Knight. This ability stacks with the deflection power.
  • First Into Battle: Cyber-Knights begin with +2 Pace and a d10 running die. If they take the Fleet-Footed Edge, the Pace bonuses stack and the running die becomes a d12.
  • Inner Light: Cyber-Knights begin with the Champion Edge (see Savage Worlds).
  • Intense Combat Training: A Cyber-Knight begins play with Fighting d8 and two Combat Edges. The latter can be chosen without concern for Rank, but other requirements must be met.
  • Minor Psionic: A Cyber-Knight begins with a special version of Arcane Background (Psionics) and Psionics d6. Cyber-Knights have access to the following powers: armor, barrier, bolt, boost Trait*, confusion, darksight, deflection*, environmental protection, havoc, healing*, pummel, quickness, smite*, speak language, speed*, succor, warrior’s gift. Powers marked with * are usable only on the Cyber-Knight but activate as a free action, inflicting no multiple action penalty. All other aspects of Arcane Background (Psionics) remain the same.
  • Psi-Sword: As a free action, Cyber-Knights can summon forth a blade of spirit and will. It may have any appearance but it does not change the effects. The Psi-Sword does Strength + Spirit ×2 damage with AP 6 (and no Strength minimum). For example, a Cyber-Knight with Strength d8 and Spirit d10 does 1d8+2d10 melee damage, AP 6, with his Psi-Sword. Alternately, the Cyber-Knight may split the Psi-Sword into two blades, one for each hand, doing the same damage, but each blade only gaining AP 2. For 2 ISP, the Cyber-Knight can make the blade inflict Mega Damage for as long as the blade is manifested.
  • Revered Protectors: All Cyber-Knights enjoy +2 Charisma when dealing with those who know and love them as guardians of life and freedom.

Cyber-Knight Complications

  • Code of Honor: A Cyber-Knight must adhere to the codes and philosophies of the Order, or lose some or all powers, depending on the degree of transgression. Whether this is a function of the special nanotech treatment Cyber-Knights undergo or a loss of confidence damaging the psyche in some way is a matter of some debate among scholars. Regardless, the Game Master must determine the extent of a Cyber-Knight’s transgressions and assess a penalty accordingly.
    • Minor Transgression: −1 to all Psionics rolls until the Cyber-Knight performs a noble or heroic deed to atone.
    • Major Transgression: −2 to all Psionics rolls, and all abilities under Cyberkinetic Combat and Inner Light cease to function until the Cyber-Knight undertakes some kind of personal (or perhaps spiritually guided) quest to atone. The Psi-Sword is also reduced to doing only Strength + Spirit in damage, and all AP values are reduced by 2.
    • Mortal Transgression: The Cyber-Knight commits an action completely opposed to the code. All Cyber-Knight abilities are lost. The character may regain the lost abilities by fulfilling a significant quest (determined by the Game Master). Should another Mortal Transgression be committed before regaining Cyber-Knight status, the character's spirit is corrupted. The character regains use of his abilities but becomes a Fallen Cyber-Knight (see Savage Foes of North America) under the Game Master’s control.
  • Cybernetics: Cybernetics are not an option for Cyber-Knights, as such devices interfere with their nanotechnology.

Racial Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Adaptive: Humans receive an extra Edge during character creation.


Hindrance Type Description
Heroic Major This noble soul never says no to a person in need, always comes to the rescue of those that can’t help themselves, and is generally a pushover for a sob story.
Loyal Minor Loyal characters would give their lives for their friends. They can never leave a man behind if there’s any chance at all they could help.
Stubborn Minor Stubborn individuals always want their way and never admits they're wrong. Even when it’s painfully obvious they've made a mistake they try to justify it with half-truths and rationalizations.


Edge Type Description
Ambidextrous Background This character ignores the –2 penalty for using the off-hand.
Arcane Background (Psionics) Background

Psionicists have discovered how to tap into their own psychic powers. Evaine's psionic abilities are due to her Cyber-Knight training.

Brainburn: When a psionic character rolls a 1 on the Psionics die (regardless of Wild Die), the character is automatically Shaken. On a critical failure, the psi lets out a psychic scream that causes the character to be Shaken along with all allies in a Large Burst Template who fail a Spirit roll. This can cause a wound.

Weapon Master Legendary Increase Parry by +1.
Master of Arms Legendary Increase Parry by another +1.
Counterattack Combat Respond instantly to an enemy’s mistakes. Once per round (if not Shaken), the character receives one free Fighting attack against one adjacent foe who failed a Fighting attack against them. This attack is made at –2, and the Counterattack must be a normal attack (no Disarm, Wild Attack, or other maneuvers), and may not be combined with Frenzy or Sweep. It may be used with the Defend maneuver, but not Full Defense.
Champion Professional Champions fight the forces of {$detail1}. They add +2 damage when attacking supernaturally {$detail1} creatures, and have +2 Toughness when suffering damage from supernaturally {$detail1} sources, including arcane powers and the weapons, claws, teeth, etc., of such creatures.
Dodge Combat Unless the victim of a surprise attack and taken completely unaware, subtract 1 from attackers' ranged attack rolls when targeting the character (even in close combat). Characters who attempt to evade area effect attacks may add +1 to their Agility roll as well (when allowed).
Improved Dodge Combat As Dodge but attackers subtract 2 from their attack rolls, and the character adds +2 to evade area effect weapons when allowed.
Fleet-Footed Background The character's Pace is increased by +2 and a d10 is rolled instead of a d6 when running.


Arcane Background Power Points Recovery Rate
Psionics 20 1/hour
Power Boost Trait (free action) Rank Novice Power Points 2 Range Self Duration 3 (1/round)
Eyes glow with blue-white light.
This power allows Evaine to increase any of her own Traits by one die type for a standard success, or by two with a raise. The affected Trait can exceed d12. Each step over d12 adds +1 to the Trait total.
Swift Justice
Power Speed (free action) Rank Novice Power Points 2 Range Self Duration 3 (1/round)
Leaves trails of blue-white light behind her as she moves.
Speed allows Evaine to move faster than usual. With a success, her basic Pace is doubled. With a raise, running becomes a free action, so she may ignore the usual –2 running penalty.
Righteous Wrath
Power Smite (free action) Rank Novice Power Points 2 Range Self Duration 3 (1/round)
The weapon glows with blue-white light. If a Psi-Sword, it gleams like a beacon.
This power is cast on a weapon of some sort. If it’s a ranged weapon, it affects one entire magazine, 20 bolts, shells, or arrows, or one full “load” of ammunition (the GM may have to determine the exact quantity for unusual weapons). While the spell is in effect, the weapon’s damage is increased by +2 or +4 with a raise.


Weapon Range Damage RoF AP Shots Weight Notes
Psi-Sword Str + (Spi x 2) 6 0 lb. 2 ISP to inflict Mega Damage; split into two blades, but reduce AP to 2
Wilk's 320 Laser Pistol 18/36/72 2d6 1 2 20 2 lb. Semi Auto
NG-L5 Laser Rifle 25/50/100 3d6 1 2 20 14 lb. Min Str d6, Semi Auto


Many body armor suits and all power armor have Full Environmental Protection, which includes fully sealed systems; self-contained breathing; immunity to temperature extremes, radiation, vacuum, poisons, and disease; and other self-regulating life support systems.

Armor Type Armor Bonus Toughness Min Str Weight
Cyber-Knight Medium Armor (TW) +6 +1 3 lb.
Notes: Succor, 14 lb. without power
  • Medium Shield: Weight 12lb • +1 Parry, +2 Armor to ranged shots that hit


  • NG-52 Survival Pack: Designed and sold by the Northern Gun Corporation, this is a fairly common starting item for anyone roaming the wilds. It contains just about everything needed for basic survival. (30 lb)
    • One two-person tent, insulated against up to −40 degrees Fahrenheit. It has water collection capabilities, capturing ambient humidity and evaporating water from occupants, thus extending water supplies by 20%.
    • One sleeping bag, also insulated.
    • One flashlight, with a concealed pocket knife. Miniaturized solar panels give it near-infinite operation under typical conditions.
    • One biometric compass/inertial mapper. Body motion provides the necessary power, and the system lets the user know how far and in what direction he’s traveled over time (+2 to Survival rolls related to land navigation). A mirrored back allows for reflective signaling to others if the sun is out.
    • One short-range radio, five-mile range.
    • One first aid kit, provides +1 to Healing checks. It has three uses before it needs to be replenished.
    • One hunter/fisher kit, containing wires, line, hooks, and other elements necessary for fishing and small game trapping. This provides +1 to Survival checks where food gathering is concerned.
    • Three saw wires, composed of serrated, high tensile strength wire and two ring handles. Capable of slicing through wood, stone, and even non-Mega metals.
    • One fire starter, a combination solar powered ignition cell and flint sparker (with six extra flints).
    • One survival knife, one small hatchet, and one wooden cross.
    • Four signal flares.
    • One climbing kit with 30 feet of lightweight cord, a pair of climbing gloves, four ceramic spikes, and a small mallet.
    • One bar of soap and a sterilized cloth.
    • One canteen.
    • Two weeks worth of minimal sustenance survival rations in sealed pouches.
  • Silver cross
  • Wooden stakes x6

Wealth and Currency

Savings 650 credits

The Hero's Journey

Benefits Table Result
Training After serving in a military, paramilitary, militia, or security force for some time, your hero has some solid combat training. She gains +5 Skill Points, which may be spent on Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing in any combination.
Training Constant battle, for cause or survival, means your hero knows a great deal about combat. Select one Combat Edge; you may ignore all requirements except where an Edge has a specific predecessor (such as with Improved Frenzy; your character must have Frenzy first). (This result x3: Block, Improved Block, Counterattack)
Psionics More ISP means more power to work with, and your character has it. She gains +10 ISP to her base.


Total XP: 6 Rank: Novice
XP Rank Advance
5 Novice Fleet-Footed


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