Erin Tarn
M.A.R.S. - Rogue Scholar
Portrait of Erin Tarn
Portrayed by Meryl Streep
Name: Erin Tarn
Race: Human
Birthplace: Unknown
Affiliation: The Tomorrow Legion
Occupation: Author, Explorer


An intrepid adventurer who has traveled to many corners of Rifts Earth, Erin Tarn is regarded by many as a voice of truth. She advocates learning and idealism, the attitude that earned her status as one of the Coalition States’ most hated enemies. She never sought out fame or rewards for her actions as a chronicler and spokeswoman, but became widely known by scholars and the magical community across Rifts Earth through her work. In the New German Republic, she is considered a celebrity, though in North America she tends to keep a low profile to avoid the Coalition’s bounty on her head—she is worth 1 million credits, dead or alive.

In 109 PA, Erin Tarn is 72 years old, though her appearance is that of a woman in her 50s. Her most famous books include Our Changing World and Traversing Our Modern World, accounts of her journeys through many regions of Rifts Earth. Her books are outlawed in the Coalition States, but are nevertheless quite popular among the elite of many nations.

She travels with Sir Winslow Thorpe, a renowned and honorable Cyber-Knight, and counts many world leaders as close friends, including Lord Coake and Plato, the leader of the community of Lazlo.

In the aftermath of Tolkeen’s fall, Erin Tarn was the first to learn of Lord Coake’s plans to found Castle Refuge and create the Tomorrow Legion. She supports his efforts, partly because she is deeply sorrowful over the schism in the Cyber-Knights’ ranks during the Siege on Tolkeen. She could not remain long with the Tomorrow Legion, but she left a powerful impression on the Legionnaires as a woman committed to the values of truth, peace, and education.



Lord Coake

Lord Coake


My dear friend, you have proven time and again to be the most courageous and honorable man I've known.



Wise Ally

Where would we be without your wisdom and guidance?

Dhara Hammerheart

Dhara Hammerheart

The Hope of Tomorrow

A new friend and truly a worthy ally. She reminds me of Coake in many ways, though all the more reluctant to bear the burden of leadership.

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