Davin Woller
Ley Line Walker
Portrait of Davin Woller
Portrayed by Austin Butler
Name: Davin Woller
Rank: {$rank}
Race: Human
Birthplace: The Magic Zone
Affiliation: The Tomorrow Legion
Occupation: Apprentice



(A Future Strange and Terrible 05) CouncilSummary: The leaders of the fugitives meet in council to discuss their current situation and how they will provide safety for everyone.


Master Kurvolg

Master Kurvolg

Master Ley Line Walker

Davin's master, who has been training him in the ways of the Ley Line Walker.


Davin Woller


Agility Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Smarts Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Spirit Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Strength Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Vigor Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png


  • American
  • Dragonese/Elven

Secondary Statistics

Add to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls
Run: +d6; -2 on other actions this round
2 + half Fighting die type
2 + half Vigor die type
2 + half Notice die type

Permanent Injuries


Driving (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Fighting (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Healing (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Intimidation (Spirit) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Investigation (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Knowledge (Arcana) (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Knowledge (Battle) (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Computers) (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Cybernetics) (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Electronics) (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Engineering) (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (History) (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Medicine) (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Politics) (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Science) (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Notice (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Perform (Spirit) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Persuasion (Spirit) Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Piloting (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Repair (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Riding (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Shooting (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Spellcasting (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Stealth (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Streetwise (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Survival (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Taunt (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Thievery (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Throwing (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Tracking (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png

Iconic Framework

Ley Line Walker Abilities and Bonuses

  • Arcane Background (Magic): Ley Line Walkers are powerful arcane wielders. They begin with five powers from the list above, 15 PPE, and a d8 Spellcasting skill.
  • Expanded Awareness: Ley Line Walkers can use detect arcana at will, with no PPE cost, as a free action.
  • Ley Line Magic Mastery: Like all arcane casters (see Psionics and Magic, page 84), Ley Line Walkers can draw extra PPE from ley lines, though they do so with greater advantage. As a free action, they can roll their Spellcasting skill to draw PPE from a line at a distance of Spirit ×2, and they multiply their current maximum PPE by ×3 while at that distance or closer.
  • Ley Line Rejuvenation: While on a ley line, a Walker gains a natural healing roll once per day.
  • Ley Line Sense: A Ley Line Walker can sense a ley line within 10 miles, and she can automatically tell how powerful it is, in what directions it flows, where it meets other ley lines at nexus points, and other aspects as might apply (such as if a huge amount of its energy is being siphoned for some other purpose). She can also sense any nearby Rifts within 10 miles, and she can automatically sense the eruption of a new Rift, or one opening anew, within 50 miles.
  • Ley Line Transmission: Walkers are able to send and receive spoken messages along ley lines, at any distance. This can be a wide broadcast that anyone along the line can hear, or it can be directed to a single recipient (who needs to be on the line and expecting the message).
  • Ley Line Walking: A Ley Line Walker can, as her name implies, walk the line as though walking across level ground. She can fly at twice her Pace, at an altitude as high as 1,000 feet.
  • Master of Magic: She has Mega Powers for her spells, and A Ley Line Walker begins with the Master of Magic Edge, gaining Mega Powers for all known spells, and also starts with the Rapid Recharge Edge.

Ley Line Walker Complications

  • Cybernetics: Such technology creates havoc for the flow of energy a Walker relies upon, imposing −1 to the Spellcasting skill for each point of Strain.
  • Disconnected: Ley Line Walkers constantly deal with the strange, alien, and inhuman. This makes them more than a bit difficult to deal with for the average person. The Walker has a −2 Charisma penalty in most social situations.
  • Enemies: As with all wielders of magic, Ley Line Walkers are “shoot-on-sight” targets for Coalition forces. Any who refuse to swear fealty to Lord Dunscon may consider the True Federation to be hostile territory as well.


Hindrance Type Description
Cautious Minor This character personifies over-cautiousness, never making rash decisions and preferring to plot things out in detail long before any action is taken.
Pacifist The character only fights when given no other choice, and never allows the killing of prisoners or other defenseless victims. Note that undeniably evil creatures, undead, demons, and the like are fair game!
Yellow Major The character is squeamish at the sight of blood and gore and terrified of coming to harm. Subtract 2 from Fear checks and when resisting Intimidation.


Edge Type Description
Alertness Background Add +2 to Notice rolls to hear, see, or otherwise sense the world around the character.
Charismatic Background The character is likable for some reason and gets one free reroll on Persuasion rolls.
Arcane Background (Magic) Background

Davin is an apprentice Ley Line Walker

Arcane Skill: Spellcasting (Smarts)

Wizard Power A Wizard can spend 1 extra Power Point when casting a power to change its Trapping.
Investigator Professional Investigators add +2 to Research rolls and Notice rolls made to search through desks for important papers, sift through stacks of junk mail for something of note, or spy obscured items from piles of junk or debris.
Master of Magic Professional A Master of Magic gains the Mega Power option for each power they know upon taking this Edge. Each time they take the New Power Edge, they gain both the power and its Mega Power use as well.
Rapid Recharge Power Power Points recharge at a rate of 10 points every hour spent resting.
Ley Line Observation Sphere Iconic Some Walkers are able to conjure up a glowing bluish-white sphere the size of a soccer ball, which they can send anywhere up or down a ley line. It travels at 30 mph and has a range of one mile, acting as a focus point for the Walker to use any of their senses to observe what’s around the ball as though standing there (powers cannot be cast through it, however). Using the sphere counts as an action, imposing a −2 multi-action penalty on any other actions while active.


Arcane Background Power Points Recovery Rate
Magic 15 1/hour
Ride the Wind
Power Fly Rank Veteran Power Points 3/6 Range Touch Duration 3 (1/round)
Gusty winds carry him through the air.

Fly allows a character to fly at his basic Pace with a Climb of 0. He may double his Pace by spending twice the number of Power Points.

Additional Targets: The character may affect up to five targets by spending a like amount of additional Power Points.

Visage of Air
Power Invisibility Rank Seasoned Power Points 5 Range Self Duration 3 (1/round)
Like a mist passing over him, he fades into the air.

Being invisible is a powerful aid in combat and useful for spying on maidens’ changing rooms as well.

With a success, the character is transparent, but a vague outline is visible. A character may detect the invisible presence if he has a reason to look and makes a Notice roll at –4. Once detected, he may attack the foe at –4 as well. With a raise, the character is completely invisible. The penalty to Notice or hit him is –6.

In either case, the power affects the character and his personal items. Anything picked up after the power was cast remains visible.

Additional Targets: The character may affect up to five targets by spending a like amount of additional Power Points.

Body of Mist
Power Intangibility Rank Heroic Power Points 5 Range Touch Duration 3 (2/round)
Transforms into a gaseous mist.

With a successful arcane skill roll, the user becomes incorporeal. He is unable to affect the physical world, and it, in turn, cannot affect him. He can travel through walls, and non-magical weapons pass straight through him. Any items carried at the time of casting are also incorporeal.

While incorporeal, the mage may affect other incorporeal beings (including himself), and he is still susceptible to magic attacks, including physical powers, such as bolt, and magic items.

The character may not become corporeal while within someone or something. If that occurs, the caster is instantly shunted to the nearest open space, and he is Shaken.

Personal Atmosphere
Power Environmental Protection Rank Novice Power Points 2 Range Touch Duration 1 hour (1/hour)
A bubble of air, like a self-contained atmosphere.

Adventurers sometimes travel beneath the waves, in space, or other hazardous environments. This power protects them from the crushing depths or blazing sun as they do.

This power allows the target to breathe, speak, and move at his normal Pace while in one normally harmful environment, such as underwater, a zero-G vacuum, the lava of a volcano, or even the heat of the sun. Pressure, atmosphere, air, etc, are all provided for.

The power does not protect against attacks with similar trappings though. A fire attack still causes normal damage, for example. With a raise on the casting roll, maintaining the power becomes 1 Power Point per two hours.

Additional Targets: The character may affect up to five targets by spending a like amount of additional Power Points.

Swirling Winds
Power Deflection Rank Novice Power Points 2 Range Touch Duration 3 (1/round)
Swirling winds around the subject that push away incoming attacks.

Deflection powers work in a variety of ways. Some actually deflect incoming attacks, others blur the target’s form or produce other illusionary effects. The end result is always the same however — to misdirect incoming melee and missile attacks from the user.

With a standard success, attackers must subtract 2 from any Fighting, Shooting, or other attack rolls directed at the user. A raise increases the penalty to –4. This also acts as Armor against area effect weapons.

Disorienting Twister
Power Confusion Rank Novice Power Points 1 Range Smarts × 2 Duration Instant
A mini-twister around the target(s).

Instilling confusion in enemies is a powerful aid in combat, and this power provides that ability. On a success, a target must make a Smarts roll (at –2 if the arcane character scored a raise) or be Distracted and Vulnerable until the end of his next turn.

Additional Targets: The character may affect up to five targets by spending a like amount of additional Power Points.


Weapon Range Damage RoF AP Shots Min Str Weight Notes
NG-33 Laser Pistol 15/30/60 2d4+1 1 2 20 {$minStr} 4 lb. Semi-Auto
Wizard's Staff - Str+d6 - - - {$minStr} 8 lb. Reach 1, Parry +1, two-handed, Spend 2 PPE to do Mega Damgae for a round, +1 to Spellcasting rolls, light/obscure, detect/conceal arcana, 10 PPE


Many body armor suits and all power armor have Full Environmental Protection, which includes fully sealed systems; self-contained breathing; immunity to temperature extremes, radiation, vacuum, poisons, and disease; and other self-regulating life support systems.

Armor Type Armor Bonus Toughness Min Str Weight
Ley Line Walker Light Armor {$armorBonus} - - 4 lb.
Notes: Breath mask and magical filter system (+4 to Vigor rolls against airborne toxins and diseases)


  • NG-52 Survival Pack: Designed and sold by the Northern Gun Corporation, this is a fairly common starting item for anyone roaming the wilds. It contains just about everything needed for basic survival. (30 lb)
    • One two-person tent, insulated against up to −40 degrees Fahrenheit. It has water collection capabilities, capturing ambient humidity and evaporating water from occupants, thus extending water supplies by 20%.
    • One sleeping bag, also insulated.
    • One flashlight, with a concealed pocket knife. Miniaturized solar panels give it near-infinite operation under typical conditions.
    • One biometric compass/inertial mapper. Body motion provides the necessary power, and the system lets the user know how far and in what direction he’s traveled over time (+2 to Survival rolls related to land navigation). A mirrored back allows for reflective signaling to others if the sun is out.
    • One short-range radio, five-mile range.
    • One first aid kit, provides +1 to Healing checks. It has three uses before it needs to be replenished.
    • One hunter/fisher kit, containing wires, line, hooks, and other elements necessary for fishing and small game trapping. This provides +1 to Survival checks where food gathering is concerned.
    • Three saw wires, composed of serrated, high tensile strength wire and two ring handles. Capable of slicing through wood, stone, and even non-Mega metals.
    • One fire starter, a combination solar powered ignition cell and flint sparker (with six extra flints).
    • One survival knife, one small hatchet, and one wooden cross.
    • Four signal flares.
    • One climbing kit with 30 feet of lightweight cord, a pair of climbing gloves, four ceramic spikes, and a small mallet.
    • One bar of soap and a sterilized cloth.
    • One canteen.
    • Two weeks worth of minimal sustenance survival rations in sealed pouches.
  • Communications Band (TW): With radio transistors, embedded copper wiring, and various other metal and plastic elements, this gold headband grants the speak language power and +1 to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls. It costs 1 Power Point per hour of use. This upgraded item also enhances the user’s vocal output, granting him a +2 Charisma whenever he is speaking or otherwise using his voice. (.5 lb)

Wealth and Currency

Savings 2,000 credits

The Hero's Journey

Benefits Table Result
Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets When it’s time to negotiate with strange visitors just arrived through a new Rift, your character’s Communications Band is a vital asset. This upgraded item also enhances the user’s vocal output, granting him a +2 Charisma whenever he is speaking or otherwise using his voice.
Magic & Mysticism Conservation of magical energy is a subtle, yet incredibly powerful talent to develop. Your hero knows how to do the most with the least, granting him the Wizard Edge.
Education Born with a natural inquisitiveness, your hero has a gift for research and finding things out. He has the Investigator Edge and the Investigation skill at d6.
Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets Made of a wood unknown to most of the world, your character’s elegant staff is a powerful weapon and tool for magic work. The staff has 10 PPE (which regenerate at the same rate as the caster), grants a +1 to all spellcasting rolls for AB: Magic and AB: Miracles, and contains two spells (powers) of the player’s choice, which can come from any list. Finally, it’s a combat-worthy staff (Str+d6, Reach 1, Parry +1, two-handed) that even does Mega Damage if 2 PPE is channeled through it that round.
Magic & Mysticism Arcane casters benefit most from the sheer variety of spells they have at hand. Your hero knows one more power of a Rank she can access.


Total Advances: {$totalAdvances} Rank: Novice
Rank Advance


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