Alberico Di Pasqua
Portrait of Alberico Di Pasqua
Portrayed by Al Pacino
Name: Alberico Di Pasqua
Rank: Union Leader
Race: Human
Birthplace: Rialto, Italy, Earth RD-718
Affiliation: La Gilda dei Lavoratori,
Merchants Guild of Rialto (former)
Occupation: Merchant


As a boy, Alberico Di Pasqua sold clams on the Rialto docks. After saving money for years, he purchased a boat and hired a crew to fish the river. Eventually he turned the profits from his fishing boat into shipping boats, and eventually drove other shippers out of Rialto, making him the only choice for moving anything in or out of Rialto by the river.

A charismatic man with a knack for knowing what people want most, Alberico was also a shrewd, and sometimes ruthless, businessman. He used his monopoly on shipping to cement his ties to other merchants in Rialto, eventually forming a Merchants Guild that became a powerful economic force. This made Alberico the second most powerful man in Rialto, and possibly the wealthiest. He was a force strong enough for even Don Alessandro Orsini, lord of Rialto, to have to contend with.

Alberico and Alessandro had an oft-contentious relationship. The merchant frequently made demands on behalf of the guild, which Don Alessandro could not simply ignore, forcing him to the negotiating table. In truth, both men wanted prosperity for Rialto, though Alberico's motives were a bit more self-serving than the Don's. The few times that their interests were perfectly aligned, they proved to be a juggernaut of influence.

Alberico was one of the citizens of Rialto that was taken by the Splugorth slavers, and later rescued by Don Alessandro and his new friends. The merchant's old base of power is gone, but so is the lord's. Now both men must rebuild and attempt to reestablish their roles. The question is, will they remain rivals, or find common ground in this new situation?

Already, Alberico has begun to carve out a place for himself among the refugees. He has banded together the laborers that are keeping the camp running into a Workers Guild (or, as he calls it in his native tongue, la Gilda dei Lavoratori). Naturally, he has positioned himself as the de facto leader and spokesman of this guild.


(A Future Strange and Terrible 05) CouncilSummary: The leaders of the fugitives meet in council to discuss their current situation and how they will provide safety for everyone.


Don Alessandro Orsini

Don Alessandro Orsini


Alberico and Alessandro have had clashes in the past, but that was in Rialto in another timeline, another life. Time will tell how they get along now.


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