(A Future Strange and Terrible 01) Abducted

Summary: A plan for escape is hatched.

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Aurell Boe Lorrick Kydra Seraphina

The Splugorth are on another raiding mission to gather slaves for the markets. Using their extensive knowledge of interdimensional travel, they utilize the rifts to reach into other worlds, and other timelines.

In Renaissance Italy, on an Earth where techno-wizardry has arisen under the guise of aetheric science, the Splugorth raided the province of Rialto. Its lord and protector, Don Alessandro Orsini, literally took flight to save his people, but was soon overwhelmed by the superior technology and numbers of the Splugorth Slavers and their Blind Warrior Women of Altara.

On another Earth in the late 19th Century, a Sioux shaman called Ohanzee follows a vision out to the plains, far from his home. There he witnesses the sky split open, and evil spirits pour through the crack. Though he battles them bravely, he is also captured by the Slaver and his Altara.

On a twilight planet, heavy with volcanic activity, the Splugorth minions have made an important discovery: a dragon egg incubating in the lava pools. They recover the egg and bring it to their slave ship, intent on returning it to Atlantis.

Aboard the ship, Alessandro and Ohanzee awaken to find themselves in cells, surrounded by strange runes that cut them off from their powers. In an adjacent cell is Boe Lorrick, a man of good humor and a fair amount of knowledge about their situation.

Meanwhile, the occupant of dragon's egg begins to become aware. The dragon, Seraphina, reaches out to touch the minds around her, eventually discovering one that is similar, yet so different from the others. She makes telepathic contact with the Altara woman, Aurell, and finds that Aurell wishes to escape her masters. The two begin to form a bond of friendship, and when Seraphina hatches, they concoct a plan to get away from the Splugorth.

That plan involves some of the more powerful prisoners on the ship. Aurell leads Seraphina to the cells containing Ohanzee and Alessandro, and they propose to help them escape. Not to be left behind (and apparently enamored of the beautiful Seraphina), Boe volunteers his aid as well, pointing out that they will need a guide in this strange and terrible future they've been stranded in.

Seraphina overpowers one of the prison guards and takes his key. Freeing the three prisoners, Aurell leads the group to the cargo hold of the ship, where their belongings have been stored. They re-equip themselves, and even pick up a few new toys. Alessandro discovers a case containing Mage Combat Armor and a techno-wizardry Battle Fury Blade. Boe discovers a suit of Predator power armor, ideally suited to his skill at flying a SAMAS.

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