A Future Strange and Terrible

A band of freed slaves and their rescuers flee the Splugorth and face the wonders and terrors of Rifts Earth.

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A Future Strange and Terrible
Game Master: Sean
Players: Becca, Reid


The Splugorth are feared across many worlds and dimensions as slavers and terrifying monsters of great power. When they travel to the historical ages of alternate Earths, they unexpectedly collect a pair of great heroes — a powerful Sioux shaman and a talented techno-wizard from a Renaissance age.

With the aid of a newly hatched dragon and one of the Splugorth's own Blind Warrior Women of Altara gone rogue, the heroes break free of the Splugorth's captivity. With only a fugitive soldier of the Coalition States as their guide, and leading about three hundred fellow escapees, the unlikely group sets out to explore this strange, terrible future they have been stranded in.



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Aurell Boe Lorrick

Supporting Cast

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Alberico Di Pasqua Davin Woller Ehawee Letizia Genovese Luni Medantes Otaktay Seraphina Uralok Zarasha Z'vin of Tauwei


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(A Future Strange and Terrible 08) CompoundSummary: The party discovers a pre-Rifts facility with some promising technology.

(A Future Strange and Terrible 07) DamageSummary: The heroes infiltrate Cherry Hill and attack Damage Crew while searching for the cursed orb.

(A Future Strange and Terrible 06) ShemarriansSummary: Investigation of the downed Splugorth ship leads to an encounter with mysterious D-Bees.

(A Future Strange and Terrible 05) CouncilSummary: The leaders of the fugitives meet in council to discuss their current situation and how they will provide safety for everyone.

(A Future Strange and Terrible 04) LessonsSummary: Ohanzee teaches Seraphina about hunting like a Sioux. What they find isn't what they expected.

(A Future Strange and Terrible 03) EscapeSummary: The heroes lead a mass exodus of the prisoners from the slave ship.

(A Future Strange and Terrible 02) SabotageSummary: The heroes enact their escape plan, and then some.

(A Future Strange and Terrible 01) AbductedSummary: A plan for escape is hatched.

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