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Notes on Heraldry:

  • I've been using a combo of the SIFRP Heraldry info but mostly relying on here: DKS Designs' Symbolism
  • While traditional colors and fields and standards are used. Our crests are primarily created with graphic design in mind and don't hold to the traditional meanings.

* Shadraca Family - Gules (Red) Dragon in Passant Pose on an Argent (White) Field with a centered Sable (Black) Annulet (Ring) with a Dark Vert (Green) Center.
* Mordanar Family - Purpure (Purple) Field with Argent (White) Dragon in Statant Pose.
* Malachai Family - Purpure (Purple) Falcon on an Par Fes (Half and Half Top and Bottom) Field of Azure (Blue) and Or (Gold).
* Greycliff Family - Azure (Blue) bottom side, and Sable (Black) top side Embattled Field. Argent (Silver) Castle centered on field.
* Montrose Family - Chausse Field of Purpure (Purple) center and Gules (Red) outside with an Argent (Silver) Rose Centered.
Wortham Family - Gules (Red) Field with an Or (Gold) Roundel Ordinary.
Saivera Family - Purpure (Purple) per Saltire over Argent (White) Field with a natural Thistle centered top Argent (White) field with Gules (Red) Bandage centered bottom Argent (White) Field.
Holyfield Family - Vert (Green) and Or (Yellow) vertical Striped Field with a Proper (Natural Colors) Cornucopia centered.
Kyron Family - Sable (Black) and Argent (Silver) Checkered field with Gules (Red) Anvil centered in field.
Raesh Family - Vert (Green) Field and Sable (Black) Tree centered in field.
Nulsha Family - Argent (White) field with Azure (Blue) Sword half buried in center. (To look like a sword thrust in snow)
Tuck Family - Tawny (Orange) bendlet over Azure (Blue) Field with crossed Sable(Black) Long Swords center field.
Harkon Family - Green Background, Black Castle bottom field. Orange Eagle impaled by several arrows.
* Glynwood Family - Gules (Red) Pale on Or (Gold) Field with Vert (Green) Tree centered on field.
* Arich Family - Argent (white) per Chevron Inverted on Sable (black) field with Or (gold) scales center field, and Or (gold) Covenant Sigil center base.

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