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Racial Abilities & Drawbacks

  • +2 Adaptable: Humans receive a free Edge.
  • +1 Talent: Humans start with a d6 in a single skill of the player's choice.
  • +2 Heart: The humans of Gauldalier have survived and thrived primarily due to their capacity for great empathy and their strength of will. Humans begins with Spirit d6 (maximum d12+1).


Racial Abilities & Drawbacks

  • +1 Ethereal Beauty: Elves are blessed with the comely features of the fae, and gain +2 Charisma.
  • +2 Graceful: Elves are naturally nimble and quick. They begin with Agility d6 (maximum d12+1).
  • -1 Frail: An elf's light, delicate frame leaves them with -1 Toughness.
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