(The Lost Prince 03) You're a Fockin Prince

Summary: Truths are revealed on a leisurely escape down the Honeywine River.

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Baelon Targaryen Fedrick Far-Eyes

As they quickly drift down the Honeywine River and then paddle to the dock to eventually board the Sea Ghost, Fedrick finally tells all.

He doesn't say it, but Dorian knows him well enough to realize that Kazhala means a lot to Fedrick. So when she confided in him something that he won't tell Dorian and that she needs dragon blood, he went sailing across the world to a location he learned about through sailor tales. So that he can get some dragon blood and hopefully something else for Dorian.

On the way there they picked up a few new crew members in Tyrosh, Irrys, being one of them. They also picked a few other along the way because the journey was long and hard. Finally, they arrived at the den location and he was told that there weren't signs of big older dragons, just eggs. The truth is that they would have been safe and fine in the caverns if Irrys didn't go so deep. He returned to their cave screaming and hollaring and pushing people out of his way until he just dove into the water. No dragon was seen by Fed, just a plume of fire and ash came roiling out of the cave Irrys came from. Most of the crew was killed, Fed was singed because he was out of the cave returning to the ship and Irrys was fine as well. They were able to only trap one fledgling before the firestorm, so it was bled, skinned, eaten and its bones bleached on deck on the way home.

Fed always suspected it was Irrys' Tyroshi greed that got them in trouble, but the fact was that with so few crew left alive he was the best sailor left and he made sure to make himself indispensable on the voyage home. When they returned to Oldtown with a nearly brand new crew Irrys offered to go with Fedrick to the Temple, but changed his mind half way there and decided he wanted to go whoring instead. That was the last time he saw Irrys.

Fed was lucky he and Kazhala were close because she believed him when he said that he had no idea why there wasn't dragon's blood in the flask. When it becomes clear that Fedrick sent for Dorian, not just for help but as a backup plan, there is some tension but their history proves stronger. The captain had gone looking for Irrys but he wasn't at the usual haunts. Hindsight he didn't look in the more upper-end places that Irrys was actually at, never thinking that Irrys had all the money he got from selling the dragon blood. When his time limit had run out, he turned himself in at the Thieves Court and that's where he's been ever since.

Also to balm the tension Fedrick goes into the real truth that started everything, and the possible reason why Archmaester Vaegon would want an audience.

"When I was a younger man, a favored sailor of Otto Hightower, I was charged by me lord to take a midwife an' a baby to Dragonstone. It took a long while to put the pieces together, but I ain't an idjit so I did. The Queen had just had a baby and Otto said the one I was taking was in danger. So I don't question. I do what I'm told. Then come several years later, the new queen is none other than me Lord's daughter and when she gives birf to a son and me lord starts askin' where you are that I can smell blood in the water. So I went back to Dragonstone and I hired on a sailor and his white-headed son. Keep you on the seas, out of sight, out of mind. Was glad I did it too when other people in the know started to magically forget about what happened or just died. Don't wish to think that it was Otto's doing. But can't be too sure in this world. Then you two up and vanish or least try to. Good thing I do have connections, so I kept enough of an ear out an eye peeled to make sure you weren't dead. You were supposed to be told around now. So here I is, telling you: You're a fockin' Prince."

Some questions and back and forth later they arrive at the Sea Ghost and Fedrick passes Dorian a sack that contains, "A present." so that he can climb out of the river vessel and onto the ship. Dorian opens the sack and rolls down the edges enough to reveal in the lamp and moonlight a dragon egg.

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