(The Lost Prince 02) Toil and Bubble

Summary: Dorian Waters is close on the trail to find his missing friend.

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Finally Dorian arrives at the place he intended to go to search for Fedrick before he was side-tracked by Minara. The Black Mermaid Inn, a known favorite of Fedrick and his usual crew. It is not a long visit before Danielle is telling Dorian that a few of the crew aren't there, but at the Bawdy Bard, enjoying a new windfall there.

Dorian comes in to find one of the brothel's famous performances going on in the stage area. One of the audience is a known older crew member and he seems to be with two others. They are quite enjoying the explicit mummer show of the Bear and the Maiden Fair up on stage. Meanwhile, it's not gone without notice by the Madam Jessilyn that there's a Dragonseed come to visit. So she makes sure that he's treated well at all times. Dorian follows the two new crew to watch them squander some money in the brothel's gambling den. Then he heads to go ply the very drunk older crew member. While Brant's the older of the three crew members, he is not old enough to know Dorian on sight, especially with as drunk as he is. So drunk and riddled with guilt he is, it does not take much for him to reveal to Dorian what has happened recently among the crew.

The newest member of the crew, Irrys, that was picked up in Tyrosh and was obviously Tyroshi with bright turquoise hair and green and white beard with gold teeth. According to Brant confessing to Dorian he had said that Irrys and Fedrick went to the Red Temple together to deliver the dragon's blood. But that the blood wasn't enough quantity wise and that the Fiery Hand chased him but he escaped, leaving Irrys in charge. Irrys then decides the best thing to do is to sell the dragon's blood and enjoy the rest of their leave. Brant was hopeful that Fedrick was still alive and that he returns because he doesn't like Irrys. The last bit of important information Brant gives Dorian is that they sold the dragon's blood to the apothecary at Toil and Bubble.

Dorian then goes into the gambling hall again and "befriends" Irrys, buying him drinks giving him some money to further blow, then they head out as new bosom buddies and Dorian gets Irrys alone in an alleyway and after a quick lecture on loyalty, stabs Irrys in the throat. But not until after being told that the one place Irrys thinks Fed would be is under the protection of Loraquo.

The Dragonseed does indeed find out that Loraquo has Fedrick under his "protection" but not out of favor. Fedrick owed him gold and in order to hide from the Red Robes, he turned himself into Loraquo because he knew he couldn't be found in Loraquo's debtor's prison under the Undercity.

So Dorian pays Fedrick's debt and picks his old captain up in one of the secret underground canals outfitted with cages. Fedrick told Loraquo that Irrys was his contact to tell the crew to pool the funds together after selling some of the dragon shells they got while getting the dragon's blood. But obviously, the traitorous Irrys was fine with keeping the items (that he'd not yet found onboard) and letting Fedrick rot in Loraquo's prison.

Fedrick is a little disappointed that Dorian got the pleasure of killing his traitor. But he gets over it quickly because he needs to get his Dragon Blood so that Kazhala can do her ritual. After a quick pitstop at the ship to pick up some bartering goods and a present for Dorian off they go to Sphinx Street at the west end of Citadel Bridge where Toil and Bubble is located. The pair neglect to notice that they get followed by Citadel Guards on their way over Citadel Bridge.

In Toil and Bubble they meet the owner and apothecary, Harver, he, sure enough, has Fed's flask for sale for 1000 gold dragons up on the shelf behind him. There is another person in the shop, Jessilyn, she's there picking up potions for her girls as well as delivering supper to Harver. Hinting at a more father/daughter relationship than anything else her profession might angle assumptions towards. At first, he won't give the flask back which would mean moving the blood to another container which might harm the quality. But after a whisper in his ear from Jessilyn he agrees to it, for a price. When Fedrick brings out the dragon shells they make a deal, the flask and some of the blood still inside of it. Which should be in Fed's hope enough to allow Kazhala her ritual and for him to get his lucky flask back.

The moment Dorian, Jessilyn and Fedrick exit the shop they are "greeted" by the Citadel Guards that followed them. They get demanding that Dorian come with them because Archmaester Vaegon desires an audience. Suspicious of the Archmaester's intent, he declines, the guards get pushy. Glances are exchanged between the three, Jessilyn accidentally dumps some potions out of their basket, shattering on the cobbles and when she bends over to pick them up her bosoms topple free. Meanwhile, Fed tugs Dorian over the edge of the nearest canal, into a boat and down the river quick as it'll take them.

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