(The Lost Prince 01) The Red Welcome

Summary: Dorian Waters arrives in Oldtown to help an old friend.

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We open in Oldtown where a platinum blonde bastard stands in the shadows of the Sphinxes flanking the entrance of the Citadel. One final time he looks over the note:

Lord Dorian,
I am transcribing this at the behest of one, "Captain Fed":
"Oldtown. Help."
I feel it should be included that money was flung before he ran from the Citadel claiming, they were here.
~ Novice Amron, Scribe of the Citadel


He locates Novice Amron at his scribe station and only finds out that Fedrick gave him the message, roughly the location that "Lord Dorian Waters" could be found. The novice also noticed how paranoid he was acting and that looking over his shoulder muttered curses and that they found him. The only new entrants that didn't really enter at all was a small group of red-robed men. Money was flung at Amron and Fed dashed away. That was all that Amron could say before they were interrupted by Archmaester Vaegon demanding that Amron go clean up the mess that came about because of lazy "fluid" disposal. Amron seemed to have more information and tried to use it as a recruiting device to get Dorian to follow and help him with whatever situation was happening.

Dorian very much declined the offer to help with a mess and left. This is when a gaggle of beautiful women noticed the Dragonseed exit the Citadel and pretty well pounced on them. The leader of the gaggle, Minara, eventually after much flirting convinced Dorian to come home with her. Home turned out to be the Temple of the Red God. Minara presented Dorian to the High Priestess Kazhala and all her attendants left so that Kazhala could speak privately with Dorian.

It turns out that Kazhala knows Fedrick very well. That she went to him to obtain her Blood of a Dragon so that she can perform a very important ritual. But upon his return from distant lands, he presented her a flask of pigs blood with some glitter in it. She gave him a day to make things right because she did not think that he was responsible for the betrayal. Fedrick never returned in the given time and he was last seen by her Fiery Hand at the Citadel before he flung money at a scribe and ran away. They have searched all over the city and can not find him. So they believe he's left the city, even though his ship is still in port.

The reason why Minara targeted Dorian to bring him to the temple becomes clear. The High Priestess is desperate for the blood of a dragon and someone clearly of Targaryen blood fell right into Minara's lap. Kazhala makes a proposal that she will give him the same deal that she gave Fedrick, that he's free to go search for Fed and the Dragon's Blood, but if he doesn't find it that he'll return to donate his own blood for the ritual. There is, of course, undertones of that her Fiery Hand will track him down and take the blood by force if need be.

During the walk to the Temple, many of the other girls in the gaggle had much like Minara picked up men and escorted them back. Unbeknownst to the gaggle and Dorian, one of these men was an undercover member of the City Watch. For a long, while the Temple was under suspicion of Slavery and Prostitution (Prostitution is legal in Oldtown, so long as licensing and such happen, which the Temple does not have.) So finally Lord Commander Gwayne Hightower put together a sting operation. When the inside man was witnessed to the forced prostitution himself, he asked for candles in the room and put three in the window. It was a signal to those of the Watch that was waiting outside. The City Watch stormed the Temple just as Dorian was leaving the High Priestess' chambers. There was a lot of back and forth as the presence of a Dragonseed had Gwaynesomewhat thrown for a loop. In the end, Dorian left before things got ugly between the Watch and the Fiery Hand that was stalling the Watch so many of the devout including the High Priestess and Minara could escape. After ransacking the Temple the Watch set it aflame and condemned it. It's to be knocked down in the following weeks when the burning has stopped.

Dorian last caught glimpse of the gaggle surrounding and protecting their High Priestess disappearing east over the Starry Bridge.

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