The Lost Prince

The Dragon's Shield saved the life of a Prince, by letting him die. That Prince is of age and is searching for the truth. But it's not easy to uncover a secret society founded to keep the truth hidden.

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The Lost Prince
Game Master: Boo
Players: Sean


When a plot to kill the sons of the king is discovered, the Hand of the King puts together a cabal of allies to make sure that they succeed to save the life of the second son of King Vicerys I. They are successful, in a way, a baby replaces the prince and the conspirators believe they killed the heir to the Iron Throne. But unbeknownst to everyone in the kingdom besides a very select few, Prince Baelon was spirited away someplace safe. It's been many years since that day and the Prince has come of age after spending near the entirety of his life as a dragonseed smallfolk on Dragonstone. Near his 18th nameday, he received important information about who he must seek out to find out the truth about his parents.

Dorian Waters now roams the country on a scavenger hunt for clues and facts about who he is. Much like everything in Westerosi history all roads/routes lead to Oldtown.


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(The Lost Prince 03) You're a Fockin PrinceSummary: Truths are revealed on a leisurely escape down the Honeywine River.

(The Lost Prince 02) Toil and BubbleSummary: Dorian Waters is close on the trail to find his missing friend.

(The Lost Prince 01) The Red WelcomeSummary: Dorian Waters arrives in Oldtown to help an old friend.

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