Pregnancy and Childbirth
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While the knights and lords and men handle the battlefields and duels and dying by the blade and bold lives, the women of Westeros and the Known World have their own bloody life-threatening battle to wage: Childbirth.

While the healing arts of well-trained midwives and maesters help greatly, even queens, princesses, and great noble ladies perish in the birthbed with too much frequency. Unfortunately, the biggest casualty is often the tiniest of victims. Stillbirth and Fading Infant Syndrome are very real issues for new mothers and their babies.

Below are some optional rules for determining information about conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. These are optional because it is believed [by Boo] that these sort of things should be taken with great out of character consideration and respect to what a PC does and does not wish to happen to their character. This also includes the possible fathers. The below "rules" can be used as much or as little as those involved wish. A great use of these rules, in particular, the childbirth rules is for healer characters with a pregnant and or in labor patient that is an NPC.

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