Politics of the Dance of the Dragons
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A civil unrest is brewing. The king has proclaimed that his eldest child and daughter, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen will succeed him to the Iron Throne when he shall ever pass. Meanwhile, Queen Alicent and her camp believe the heir should be her and Viserys' eldest son, Prince Aegon II Targaryen. As per Andal Law that says it is the first born son that shall succeed the father. The name of the two parties derives from a great tournament held in 111 AC at King's Landing on the fifth anniversary of the King Viserys I's marriage to Queen Alicent Hightower, his second wife. At the opening feast, Queen Alicent wore a green gown, whilst Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, Viserys’s daughter by his first wife, dressed dramatically in Targaryen red and black. A note was taken, and thereafter their respective factions at the royal court imitated the fashions they set - the "queen's party" dressing in green, and the "princess's party" dressing in black. In time, it became the custom to refer to each party as simply "the greens" and "the blacks".

There is also another quieter coup brewing in the Reach. Long has a few of the oldest families in the Reach believed that their lines are purer to house Gardener than the Tyrell's who were mere stewards of the Gardeners and made Great Lords by the Conquerer. For nearly 123 years this conflict has been roiling just under the surface of everything that goes on in inner-Reach politics. While there are several families that feel they have more right to the ruins of the Oakenseat than the Tyrell's do, none more so than House Florent that has been strategically arranging marriages to strengthen their blood-lines, claim, and ability to claim Highgarden from the Tyrells. Clever as the foxes on their sigil the Florent's have positioned themselves to the point where many in the family and their allies believe the iron is hot and ready for striking. In the case of the Reach Civil unrest, while the sides aren't exactly like the Dance of the Dragons where people declare a side. There is still unofficial sides: "golds" for those that will support the Tyrells, and the "blues" for those that are for the coup in favor of house Florent.

The Blacks

Banner of the Blacks

Those in Westeros that hold to the King's decision and believe that Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen should be the next monarch are: ((Use: political:blacks to mark someone as being in this political party))
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Alan Beesbury Alysanne Blackwood Ash Tyrell Baela Targaryen Boremund Baratheon Corlys Velaryon Cregan Stark Daemon Targaryen Dahlia Tyrell Dalton Greyjoy Danielle Tayle Elmo Tully Erryk Cargyll Evin Mullendore Glendon Goode Hyacinth Tyrell Jacaerys Velaryon Jeyne Arryn Joffrey Velaryon Kermit Tully Laurence Tyrell Lia Bulwer Linden Tyrell Lorent Marbrand Lucerys Velaryon Lyman Beesbury Lynette Beesbury Matrim Tyrell Matthos Tyrell Owen Costayne Rhaena Targaryen Rhaenyra Targaryen Steffon Darklyn Thaddeus Rowan Tom Flowers

The Greens

Banner of the Greens

Those in Westeros that hold to Andal Law of the eldest son succeeding a king and believe that Prince Aegon II Targaryen should be the next monarch are: ((Use: political:greens to mark someone as being in this political party))
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Aegon II Targaryen Aemond Targaryen Arana Lydden Arenna Hightower Arryk Cargyll Borros Baratheon Brydon Hightower Chass Blackbar Criston Cole Cyril Lydden Daeron Targaryen Edwin Grover Tully Gyles Belgrave Harald Florent Harold Raris Harrian Bulwer Helaena Targaryen Jason Lannister Jasper Wylde Jessar Shermer Johanna Lannister Laerra Lannister Laisa Lannister Larys Strong Lorn Lannister Markton Bulwer Marq Ambrose Miranda Cuy Ormund Hightower Otho III Hightower Otto Hightower Roger Corne Rosyn Hightower Trent Bulwer Tyland Lannister

The Golds

Sigil of Great House Tyrell

Those in the Reach that back the current ruling House Tyrell: ((Use: political:golds to mark someone as being in this party.))
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Alan Beesbury Danielle Tayle Evin Mullendore Harold Raris Jessar Shermer Lia Bulwer Lorias Tyrell Lyman Beesbury Marq Ambrose Matthos Tyrell Owen Costayne Roger Corne Tom Flowers

The Blues

Sigil of House Florent

Those in the Reach that support the overthrow of House Tyrell and back House Florent's claim to rule the Reach: ((Use: political:blues to mark someone as being in this party.))
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Aegon II Targaryen Alicent Targaryen Arana Lydden Arenna Hightower Barris II Brydon Hightower Chass Blackbar Claryce Blackbar Dahlia Tyrell Edwin Emmyn Tyrell Gallisa Tyrell Garmund Hightower Geryn Tyrell Gwayne Hightower Harald Florent Harrian Bulwer Lynette Beesbury Markton Bulwer Meros Tyrell Miranda Cuy Ormund Hightower Otho III Hightower Otto Hightower Rosyn Hightower Thaddeus Rowan Tom Tinker Trent Bulwer
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