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Alchemist's Guild

The alchemists claim to be able to transmute metals and create living creatures of flame. They guard their secrets and recipes fervently. One of these recipes is the legendarily dangerous, Wildfire. Which is called the substance by the guild. In more recent times, they are still likely to hint at possessing vast secret stores of knowledge, though they only demonstrate the skill to create wildfire, which they call the substance. The wildfire is created in the Guildhall, located on the Street of the Sisters, close to Visenya's Hill in King's Landing. The hall is an imposing labyrinth of cold, black stone. Great care is taken when producing wildfire. Trained acolytes prepare the product in bare stone cells, and once a jar is ready, it is immediately removed by an apprentice and brought to the vaults. As the rise of Maester's Climb, there is a slow decline happening in the Guild.

Gold Cloaks

The City Watch of King's Landing wear cloaks, usually made of heavy wool, dyed gold. They are equipped with mail armor, iron cudgels, iron spears, dirks, and occasionally longswords. Their armor, boots, and gloves are black. The officers (such as the captains of the gates into the city) wear black breastplates ornamented with four golden disks.

Daemon Targaryen in his younger days became Lord Commander of the City Watch in King's Landing. He is a charismatic leader and the guardsmen love him to this day. It is Daemon that saw to each of the guards getting gold cloaks. So it is because of him that the city watch has become known as the Gold Cloaks. They can be used as guards, foot soldiers or in some cases, as mounted lancers. Nonetheless, the watchmen are not true soldiers, and their discipline in a pitched battle shows this fact.

Iron Bank of Braavos

the Iron Bank was founded by sixteen men and seven women who hid valuables in an abandoned iron mine shortly after the foundation of Braavos.[2] As the iron mine's chambers filled with treasures, a bank was formed to utilize the wealth. Each of the twenty-three founders had a key to these great subterranean vaults, and their descendants—now numbering at least one thousand—are known as "keyholders" who proudly display ceremonial keys on formal occasions. Other powerful Braavosi own shares in the bank, sit on its secret councils and have a voice in selecting the men who lead it.

Though all the Free Cities have their own banks, the Iron Bank is richer and more powerful than the others combined and has a fearsome reputation when collecting debts. When princes or kings default on their debts or are foolish enough not to honor their agreements with the Iron Bank, the Iron Bank supports new princes and kings to appear. These new princes and kings then honor the previous debt along with paying back the money the bank loaned them in claiming their new power, lest they suffer the same fate as their predecessors.

Currently, Lyman Beesbury, Master of Coin, and Ser Tyland Lannister, Master of Ships, have arranged for the crown to be debt free with the Iron Bank and even have some stockpiles of the royal treasury safely tucked away by the bank.

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