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A season may last for years (it varies greatly; for example, Bran has lived through seven years of a nine-year summer); a turn is a full cycle of the moon as it passes through each of its phases (28 days, there are 13 Turns in a year); and a fortnight is a period of 14 days.

The passage of seasons and years is of principal importance for the story of the realm. During the summer, lands prosper. When nights lengthen and autumn comes, this bounty must be set aside to prepare the realm for the coming winter. When the harsh winter season ends, the spring thaws promise the return of summer. The exact length of the seasons varies but may last for many years. The longest summer in living memory was ten years, two turns, and sixteen days. A long summer means an even longer winter to come.

There are 13 Turns of the moon (28 days) in a year:

Valyris – The turn of knowledge (Vale’ris)
Aegonis – The turn of war (A’gon’is)
Danaris - The turn of mercy/redemption (Dan’ar’is)
Valaris – The turn of people (Val’a’ris)
Visenris - The turn of fortune/changing fortune (Vis’n’ris)
Dohanis – The turn of nature (Do’hon’is)
Rhalaenis - The turn of piety (Rhal’a’nis)
Rogornis – The turn of revelry (Ro’gor’nis)
Moranis - The turn of rebirth (Mor’a’nis)
Vakarnis - The turn of death (Vak’ar’nis)
Lihanis – The turn of wealth (Lie’han’is)
Amernis – The turn of health (Am’er’nis)
Rehaedris – The turn of royalty, also called unity (Ra’had’ris)

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