Baelon Targaryen
Portrayed by Emil Anderson
Name: Baelon Targaryen
Alias: Dorian Waters
Status: Noble
Rank/Title: Prince
Occupation: Vagabond
Faction: House Targaryen
Birthplace: King's Landing
Game of Thrones
Fire and Blood


In 105 A.C., Queen Aemma died giving birth to a son. Though her passing was tragic, the boy's birth fulfilled King Viserys's hope for an heir. He named the baby Baelon Targaryen, after the child's grandfather, Baelon the Brave. However, the celebration would be short-lived, for a day after his birth Baelon died in his cradle.

At least, that is what most of Westeros believes.

Baelon wasn't the first son of Viserys and Aemma. Before inheriting the throne, they had another son who also died as an infant. Only their daughter, Rhaenyra, lived to see Viserys become king.

While the Grand Maester declared the child's death natural, the Hand of the King, Ser Otto Hightower, was not convinced of it. He suspected foul play on the part of Viserys's own brother, Prince Daemon, likely trying to ensure his own eventual succession to the Iron Throne. He kept a close eye on Daemon, gathering allies through the years to form a secret cabal to keep powerful men like the prince in check.

When Queen Aemma became pregnant, Ser Otto was vigilant in seeing to the safety of mother and her unborn child. Sadly, he could not protect her from the rigors of childbirth, but he could protect the baby. Having discovered that Daemon did, indeed, plan to strike again, Ser Otto had his own agents remove the prince, leaving another babe born of the Dragonseed in his place. The cabal even went so far as to stain the false prince's skin to match a distinctive birthmark Baelon was born with: a dragon in flight upon his palm. So when Daemon's assassin came, it was the child of a Flea Bottom whore that lost his life, while Prince Baelon was smuggled away to a safety on a ship bound for Dragonstone.

Life on Dragonstone

The Dragonseed was plentiful on Dragonstone, so nobody batted an eye at another young boy with platinum hair and violet eyes among the smallfolk. Young Dorian was said to be a bastard, taken in by a childless couple, a sailor and his wife called Tom and Ella. Sadly, Ella passed when Dorian was just five years old.

Tom fell in with an unsavory crew, and found himself involved in smuggling. It was dangerous, but it paid well. Tom's house became a kind of defacto headquarters for crew members while ashore on Dragonstone. Dorian got along well enough with them, and the captain—a man called Fedrick Far-Eyes—even took a liking to the boy. Tom didn't especially want Dorian among their company, but he had little choice.

Dorian was always adventurous, even as a young lad. Ella would often say, "That boy's got fire in his blood, for sure." He had a proclivity for getting into trouble, and a decided lack of fear. Fortunately, he also had a charming smile to help him get out of trouble, and when that didn't work, he had smugglers teaching him how to fight.

The Call of the Sea

By the time he was fourteen, Fedrick invited Dorian to come along on a few smuggling runs. Again, Tom objected, but was overruled, and Dorian was eager for the opportunity. Life on Dragonstone had become dull for him, but the sea offered new adventures. Dorian got to sail all along the eastern shores of Westeros, and even as far as Oldtown and the Free Cities. It was a fine time for the boy as he grew into a man.

Tom had been in a poor state for several years, but when Dorian was nearly seventeen years of age, Tom's health declined severely. He couldn't sail any longer, so Dorian bid a sad farewell to the smuggling crew to take Tom back to Dragonstone and tend to him. Tom knew he didn't have long, and one night after coughing up a considerable amount of blood, he told Dorian to pull up a certain floorboard of their home. There, Dorian found a wooden box. Inside was a dagger in a fine sheathe, and an old letter, sealed with wax. Tom's words would echo in Dorian's mind for years to come.

"I'm sorry I couldn't tell you sooner, lad. I don't know what it all means, myself. But when you were put into mine and Ella's care, you came with that box, and strict instructions to give it to you on your eighteenth birthday. Let's face facts, son. I won't last that long. So I'm givin' it to you now. You take that dagger, and you show it to whoever that letter leads to you. They said all your questions would be answered then."

Searching for the Past

Tom passed that very night. Through tearful eyes, Dorian opened the letter to read its simple message: Maester Theoman, Rillhold. He stole a fishing boat and set out for the mainland before dawn. When he discovered Rillhold was a small keep in the Riverlands, he set out immediately, walking when needed, riding in merchant carts and farmer's wagons when he could.

Dorian did find his way to Rillhold, only to discover that Maester Theoman had died many years earlier. But his successor allowed him to investigate what remained of Theoman's belongings. Among the late maester's correspondence, he found numerous references to a mysterious boy, and a mention of Dragonstone. Most of those letters came from another castle in the North, and so Dorian made his way to the North. From there he ended up in the Reach, then in the Vale, back to the North, and so forth.

For years, Dorian roamed Westeros, picking up the pieces of the mystery of his origins. There seemed to be some grand conspiracy to hide him away from some powerful enemy. When it became obvious that he was of noble blood, he adopted the surname Waters. Despite this, he garnered a reputation as "The Lone Targaryan", as many smallfolk assumed by his looks that he was of royal blood. The stories of the Lone Targaryen varied wildly, from painting him as a wandering hero defending the smallfolk from brigands and beast, to portraying him as a dangerous rogue, pillaging, murdering, and raping his way across the Seven Kingdoms. The truth is that he did sometimes come to the aid of the helpless, and he also showed a willingness to steal, con, and even kill to see his quest completed. He wasn't one to rape, but with his fine features and charming tongue, he shared more than a few beds and upset plenty of fathers on his journeys.


(The Lost Prince 03) You're a Fockin PrinceSummary: Truths are revealed on a leisurely escape down the Honeywine River.

(The Lost Prince 02) Toil and BubbleSummary: Dorian Waters is close on the trail to find his missing friend.

(The Lost Prince 01) The Red WelcomeSummary: Dorian Waters arrives in Oldtown to help an old friend.


Tom and Ella

Tom and Ella

Foster Parents

"Dorian" loved Tom and Ella, but he always knew they were not his real mother and father, and always dreamed of learning the truth of his origins.

Fedrick Far-Eyes

Fedrick Far-Eyes

Mentor, Captain of the Sea Ghost

The captain of the old smuggling crew. A good friend, for a rather bad man. Fedrick could be a harsh taskmaster on ship, but no captain was ever more loyal to his crew.

Viserys Targaryen, First of His Name

Viserys Targaryen, First of His Name

King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm

Birth father.

Ser Otto Hightower

Ser Otto Hightower

Hand of the King

Secret benefactor.


Baelon Targaryen

Character Sheet


Agility Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Smarts Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Spirit Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Strength Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Vigor Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png


  • Westerosi Common Tongue
  • Low Valyrian
  • High Valyrian

Secondary Statistics

Add to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls
Run: +d6; -2 on other actions this round
2 + half Fighting die type
2 + half Vigor die type
7 (1)
2 + half Notice die type
Add to Knowledge (Commerce) or Streetwise

Permanent Injuries


Boating (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Driving (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Fighting (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Healing (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Intimidation (Spirit) Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Investigation (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Knowledge (Battle) (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Notice (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Perform (Spirit) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Persuasion (Spirit) Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Repair (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Riding (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Shooting (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Stealth (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Streetwise (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Survival (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Taunt (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Thievery (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Throwing (Agility) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Tracking (Smarts) Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png

Racial Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Adaptive: Humans receive an extra Edge during character creation.


Hindrance Type Description
Enemy Unbeknownst to Baelon (yet), his uncle Daemon would very much like to see him dead. If the enemy is one day defeated, the GM should gradually work in a replacement, or the character may buy off the Hindrance by sacrificing an Advance.
Lech Minor Leches pay an unhealthy amount of attention to whoever attracts them and have a hard time turning down requests for help if they think it might result in an "encounter". They suffer –2 to resist Persuasion in Tests of Will or Social Conflicts with those they're attracted to.
Vengeful This character always attempts to right a wrong they feel was done to them, .


Edge Type Description
Blood of Valyria Background The blood of Valyria flows hot in your veins, giving you a certain fierceness and natural command that others find unsettling. You have the silver hair and purple eyes common to most folk hailing from that ancient freehold. Gain +2 to initiate Tests of Will. In addition, gain +2 Armor against fire- and heat-based attacks, or +2 to rolls to resist fire and heat.
Danger Sense Weird

When rolling for Surprise, add +2 to the character's Notice roll to act in the first round. With a raise, start the encounter on Hold.

In other situations not covered by the Surprise rules (a sniper shot, pit trap, poisoned drink, etc.), Danger Sense grants a Notice roll at −2 (or +2 if a Notice roll is usually allowed) to detect the hazard and take appropriate action. If this was an attack and the character makes their Notice roll, the foe doesn't get The Drop against them.

Attractive Background It's no secret people are more willing to help those they find physically attractive. Add to Performance and Persuasion rolls if the target is attracted to the character's general type (gender, sex, species, etc.).

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Block Combat Increase Parry by and any Gang Up bonus against the character is reduced by .

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Counterattack Combat Respond instantly to an enemy’s mistakes. per turn (if not Shaken or Stunned), the character receives a Free Attack against a failed Fighting attack against him. The counterattack takes place immediately (before other hits against the hero on the same Action Card, if any).
Florentine Combat The character is a master at wielding two weapons at once. Add +1 to Fighting rolls versus an opponent with a single weapon and no shield. Opponents subtract 1 from any “gang up” bonuses they would normally get.


Weapon Range Damage RoF AP Shots Min Str Weight Notes
Long sword - Str+d8 - - - {$minStr} 8 lb. -
Dagger 3/6/12 Str+d4 - - - {$minStr} 1 lb. -


Armor Type Armor Bonus Min Str Weight Notes
Leather +1 {$minStr} 15 lb. Covers torso, arms, legs


  • Silver dragon flask

Wealth and Currency

1 Gold Dragon = 105 Stags • 1 Silver Stag = 56 Pennies

Coinage Amount
Gold Dragons
Silver Stags 1,625
Copper Pennies

Other Valuables


Total Advances: {$totalAdvances} Rank: Veteran
Rank Advance
Novice Agility d8
Novice Streetwise d6, Thievery d6
Novice Very Attractive
Seasoned Block
Seasoned Vigor d8
Seasoned Fighting d8, Persuasion d8
Seasoned Intimidation d6, Investigation d6
Veteran Counterattack
Veteran Improved Block
Veteran Florentine
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