(The Pen Is Mightier 08) Home, Sweet Home

Summary: Finally reaching Tombstone, the posse catches up on how things have gone in their absence.

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Darren Conrad Handsome Pete Lady Wilde Petunia Harmon Professor Lazarus

As Tombstone comes into view at last, Handsome Pete makes an unexpected discovery. While snoozing in the cargo car, he is awakened by a familiar face — a prostitute he made the "acquaintance" of in New Orleans by the name of Sally. After a brief debacle involving Sally's lack of a train ticket, the Bayou Vermillion finally rolled into Tombstone.

The posse and Wyatt Earp delivered the captured bandits into the hands of Earp's brother, C.S. Marshal Virgil Earp. Walking them to the city jail to place them in custody of Marshal White. Upon their arrival, White was speaking with Curly Bill Brocius, both men showing surprise at the return (and survival) of the posse.

Learning that Petunia has been staying at Lady Wilde's home with Professor Lazarus, the group headed there. Inside, they discovered Lazarus performing surgery on Frank McLaury to pull a bullet from his leg, while his brother Tom looked on. After the McLaury's left, Lazarus filled the posse in on what has been happening in Tombstone since their departure. He told them how the Cowboys have grown in numbers and influence, and that Marshal White is all but powerless to stop them. He also explained how he and Petunia have essentially become employees of the Cowboys, out of unfortunate circumstance.

Upon hearing that Petunia was working as a cook and waitress at Ike's Place, Darren was insistent about doing to see her…and possibly rescue her. Though the posse recognized the trouble it might cause if they tried to pull her out of the Cowboys' headquarters. Still, they paid a visit to the restaurant, and Darren and Petunia got their reunion.

While visiting Ike's Place, Johnny Ringo made an appearance, and showed an interest in Sally. He showed even more interest in trying to push Handsome Pete's buttons. But Pete kept his cool, and eventually Ringo lost interest as a result.

The posse stayed until closing time so they could escort Petunia home. On their way out, they overheard Tom McLaury reporting some interesting news to Curly Bill — legendary Texas Ranger and nemesis of the Cowboys, Hank "One Eye" Ketchum, was on his way toward Tombstone.

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