(The Pen Is Mightier 01) Scarecrow

Summary: The posse faces a murder of crows and murders of townsfolk. Do they have the mettle to carrion?

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Darren Conrad John Clum Lady Wilde Professor Lazarus
  • Lady Wilde arrives in Tombstone after making arrangements with Clum to become a reporter.
  • Clum informs Wilde that he has something new in mind for the Epitaph and he wants her to take the lead on it. A well known bounty hunter, Darren Conrah, has agreed to allow Lady Wilde to shadow him and write about his exploits.
  • So Wilde, Darren Conrad and Darren's guide and best friend, Johnny Firehorse travel north on their first investigation about a town plagued by crows.
  • In a town along the way the meet Professor Lazarus, a Wagon Healer, otherwise known by Lady Wilde's shrewd temperament for such things, a snake oil salesman.
  • Darren and Johnny got along much better with Lazarus and were talked into letting Lazarus come along. They might just need a healer and Lazarus wouldn't mind at all having martial sorts at his side as a former patient's wife was on the look-out (hunt) for him.
  • When they arrived at the town in question they discovered that a band of people were sacrificing townsfolk in a scarecrow like trussing up. The group went quickly to work as they were about to sacrifice someone. Darren passed Wilde his shot gun and while she was originally only meant to observe it was clear she needed to take a bigger part in the goings on if they were all going to live.
  • The group disbatched a bulk of the cultists and saved the little girl they were about to sacrifice. Taking refuge in the general store they made quick allies with the store owner and the shop became their base of operations.
  • Using what guns and ammo the shopkeeper had they went to face off with the remaining cultists. The leader of the band before their eyes ripped apart to let free a gigantic crow. During the fight the crow picked up Darren (that's how BIG it was!) and carried him up to the roof of the general store to make a meal out of him. This left Wilde alone down below.
  • Johnny went through the store and headed up to the roof. When he burst out of the hatch of the roof he was able to injure the crow but paid dearly for his heroism as the crow impaled Johnny with its beak.
  • Lady Wilde got the crows attention by shooting it several times. It left it's pecking of Darren to handle the nuscence and as it swooped in to scoop up Wilde and do the same to her one very lucky shot killed the crow in the air and Wilde got an amazing action shot of the bird-demon plumetting to crash on the street in front of her after she had fallen on her back side.
  • Lazarus saved the injured little girl, but was unable to save Johnny who was too far gone.
  • They had a small funeral for Johnny once Darren was well enough to travel again. In memorium Darren kept Johnny's Tomahawk and Wilde kept his beautiful paint horse.
  • For his efforts Lazarus won some respect from Wilde and she no longer minded his company so much.

Darren was grabbed by the crow and was flown off. He attacked the crow with his knife while that happened and Wilde caught it on camera.

Darren also was very sad that Johnny died. He was his one and only friend.

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