The Pen Is Mightier

The adventures of a Tombstone Epitaph journalist and the adventurers she writes about.

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The Pen Is Mightier
Game Master: Sean
Players: Becca, Justin, Reid


Sarah Connelly comes originally from New York, where her family runs The Atlantic Ledger, a respected newspaper read throughout the Union states of the East coast. Convinced that The Tombstone Epitaph is the only paper that prints the truths others blind themselves to, she adopted the nom de plume “Lady Wilde” and set out for Arizona to seek employment.

Now she follows the bounty hunter, Darren Conrad, along with their companions, Handsome Pete and Professor Lazarus, as they seek out supernatural threats to eliminate and write stories about.


The Posse

Darren Conrad Handsome Pete Lady Wilde Professor Lazarus

Other Notables

Benjamin Briar John Clum Petunia Harmon

The Cowboys



(The Pen Is Mightier 08) Home, Sweet HomeSummary: Finally reaching Tombstone, the posse catches up on how things have gone in their absence.

(The Pen Is Mightier 07) Are We There Yet?Summary: At long last, the posse is headed for home on the Bayou Vermillion. But as they enter the last leg of their journey, some of the other passengers liven things up with a good old fashioned train robbery.

(The Pen Is Mightier 06) Dead Men Tell No TalesSummary: On their voyage home from Ireland, the posse's ship is blown off course, leading to the discovery of a pirate's treasure map and an ancient curse. Will it be plunder or purgatory?

(The Pen Is Mightier 05) The Leprechaun's CurseSummary: An Irish village suffers under the weight of an ancient leprechaun's wrath.

(The Pen Is Mightier 04) Oh, What a Tangled WebSummary: A monster from Pete's past returns.

(The Pen Is Mightier 03) Ghostriders in the SkySummary: The posse pits themselves against an elusive and deadly gang of thieves.

(The Pen Is Mightier 02) House CallSummary: The posse arrives in a town that has recently lost its sheriff. What follows is a night of fear and horror.

(The Pen Is Mightier 01) ScarecrowSummary: The posse faces a murder of crows and murders of townsfolk. Do they have the mettle to carrion?

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