Professor Lazarus
Portrait of Dr. Quentin Unger
Portrayed by Sam Rockwell
Name: Dr. Quentin Unger
Aliases: Professor Lazarus
Rank: Doctor, Professor (assumed)
Heritage: American
Birthplace: Bismarck, Minnesota
Occupation: Snake Oil Salesman
Affiliation: Tombstone Epitaph


Quentin Unger doesn't talk much about his past. He much prefers the identity he has crafted for himself: Professor Lazarus, the gentleman doctor and merchant of remarkable unguents and antidotes.

Worst Nightmare


(The Pen Is Mightier 08) Home, Sweet HomeSummary: Finally reaching Tombstone, the posse catches up on how things have gone in their absence.

(The Pen Is Mightier 04) Oh, What a Tangled WebSummary: A monster from Pete's past returns.

(The Pen Is Mightier 03) Ghostriders in the SkySummary: The posse pits themselves against an elusive and deadly gang of thieves.

(The Pen Is Mightier 02) House CallSummary: The posse arrives in a town that has recently lost its sheriff. What follows is a night of fear and horror.

(The Pen Is Mightier 01) ScarecrowSummary: The posse faces a murder of crows and murders of townsfolk. Do they have the mettle to carrion?


Lady Wilde

Lady Wilde

Angel of the Articles

Miss Wilde is a difficult woman to get a read on. One moment she speaks as if she finds me distasteful, the next she seems quite charmed. She is not so different from me — a person taking on an alias to better present one's questionable craft. I suspect she realizes this similarity and is not yet comfortable with it.

Darren Conrad

Darren Conrad

Bodacious Bounty Hunter

Mr. Conrad is exactly the sort of fellow one would want to at one's side when things become dangerous. He is courageous, skilled with a blade, and much more athletic than one might guess at first glance.

Handsome Pete

Handsome Pete

Pugnacious Pistoleer

I'd like to say that Pete is misunderstood. But I think he is understood exactly as he wishes to be. Surly, vulgar, and deadly. This is precisely the image he wishes to portray, and he does it well. In spite of it all, I have found that the man can be quite personable in the right circumstances. Of course, when a man is in the kind of constant pain he is, he is bound to want to befriend the one that can ease it.


Professor Lazarus


Agility: Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Smarts: Dice_Fill-ins_d10.png
Spirit: Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Strength: Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Vigor: Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png


  • English

Secondary Statistics

Add to Persuasion and Streetwise rolls
Run: +d6; -2 on other actions this round
2 + half Fighting die type
2 + half Vigor die type
2 + half Notice die type
1 point per Rank; Add to Fear checks

Permanent Injuries


Driving (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Fighting (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Healing (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d10.png
Intimidation (Spirit): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Investigation (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Battle) (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Knowledge (Chemistry) (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Knowledge (Occult) (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Notice (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Perform (Spirit): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Persuasion (Spirit): Dice_Fill-ins_d8.png
Piloting (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Repair (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d6.png
Riding (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Shooting (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Stealth (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Streetwise (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Survival (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Taunt (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Thievery (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Throwing (Agility): Dice_Fill-ins_d4.png
Tracking (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d0.png
Weird Science (Smarts): Dice_Fill-ins_d10.png

Racial Benefits and Drawbacks

  • Adaptive: Humans receive an extra Edge during character creation.


Hindrance Type Description
Doubting Thomas Minor Doubting Thomases are skeptics of the supernatural. Even after realizing the supernatural exists, the character still tries to rationalize weird events, following red herrings or ignoring evidence. Doubting Thomases suffer –2 to their Fear checks when confronted with undeniable supernatural horror.
Enemy A wealthy man that once enlisted Lazarus to help his ailing wife blames the man for her death, and has sworn to see him put in the ground as well. If the enemy is one day defeated, the GM should gradually work in a replacement, or the character may buy off the Hindrance by sacrificing an Advance.
Cautious Minor This character personifies over-cautiousness, never making rash decisions and preferring to plot things out in detail long before any action is taken.
Pacifist The character only fights when given no other choice, and never allows the killing of prisoners or other defenseless victims.
Phobia (Snakes) Dementia (Major) Lazarus has an overwhelming and irrational fear of snakes. Whenever in the presence of snakes (or snake-like abominations), he subtracts 4 from all his Trait tests.
Absent Minded Dementia The character tends to forget little details. He might eat raw coffee one day or forget to wear his pants the next. To remember an important detail, he must make a Smarts roll. If he fails, he can’t remember it. Don’t overuse this, Marshal, just when it is important.
Delusion Dementia Lazarus believes that cats are intelligent, and will speak to them as if they can understand him perfectly…and sometimes as if they are speaking back. This quirk reduces his Charisma by 1.
Depression Dementia The tortured genius becomes incredibly depressed about himself, his inventions, the futility of humanity, or his chances of surviving another adventure. He often speaks of mankind’s impending doom. His lack of faith causes him to lose 1 point of Grit.


Edge Type Description
Arcane Background
(Weird Science)

Mad Scientists create incredible inventions with the help of ghost rock.

Each new power is actually a new "gizmo". The player must write down exactly what the device is when they gain the power. Each device comes with its own Power Points equal to the inventor’s Power Points. A Weird Scientist can also repeat a power that's already been taken, allowing for duplicate gizmos.

Weird Science is the skill an inventor uses when activating most devices, and raises increase the effects of the power as usual. If a device uses a different skill, such as Driving, Fighting, or Shooting, the inventor uses that instead. Powers that require an opposed roll also use the scientist’s Weird Science skill.

  • Malfunction: Whenever someone using a scientist’s gizmo rolls a 1 on their trait die (regardless of the result of their Wild Die), it explodes, erupts, or otherwise breaks in the most spectacular and injurious manner possible. This causes 2d6 damage in a Medium Burst Template centered on the user. The gizmo is ruined until repaired, which requires 2d6 hours and a Repair roll by someone with Arcane Background (Weird Science).
  • Dementia: Every time the inventor takes the New Power Edge, they gain a random dementia.
  • Maintaining Powers: Because Weird Scientists use inventions rather than cast spells, they don’t suffer any penalties for maintaining powers, but their devices still pay the maintenance costs in Power Points.
  • Recharging: Devices regain Power Points just like a character, at the rate of one point per hour. Recharging may represent the device being plugged into an outlet, gathering solar rays, or even fritzing out for a while until it miraculously just starts working again. Regardless of the description, however, it regains Power Points at the rate of one per hour just like other power types. The Power Edges Rapid Recharge and Improved Rapid Recharge apply to all of the inventor’s devices rather than the inventor.
Alchemy Mad Science

This character can make potions from their powers as well as devices. The downside to potions is they must
be prepared ahead of time.

An alchemist character has half their normal Power Points per known power to divide among as many potions as they wish. Extra points may be put into a potion to maintain the duration up to a predetermined limit. The alchemist can brew potions for each power they know. Power Points are “tied up” in a potion until it is used.

Brewing a potion requires a chemistry set and 30 minutes per power. At the end of the brewing process, the alchemist must make a Weird Science roll. Failure means the potion is ruined. Success indicates it will work when used, and raises work as usual. Attack powers require a Throwing roll to hit (range of 3/6/12), and opposed powers require a normal success to resist (or –2 with a raise). Otherwise, no roll is needed to use a potion.

Snakeoil Salesman Professional The character gains a +2 bonus to noncombat Persuasion rolls. They can also use their forked tongue to initiate a Persuasion Test of Will, opposed by the target's Smarts.
New Power Power Gain the stun power.
New Power Power Gain the boost/lower trait power.
New Power Power Gain the succor power.
New Power Power Gain the greater healing power.
Healer Weird Add +2 to all healing rolls (including natural healing rolls), whether natural or magical in nature. Up to five companions traveling with a Healer add the bonus to their natural healing rolls as well.
Charismatic Social The character has learned how to work with others. Adds +2 to Charisma.


Arcane Background Power Points Recovery Rate
Weird Science 20 1/hour
Invigoration/Debilitation Oil
Power Boost/Lower Trait Rank Novice Power Points 2 Range Smarts Duration 3 (1/round)
The oil is rubbed or splashed onto the recipient's skin.

This power allows a character to increase any of a target’s Traits by one die type for a standard success, or by two with a raise. The affected Trait can exceed d12. Each step over d12 adds +1 to his Trait total. For example, a raise on someone who already has a d12 in the affected Trait grants him d12+2 for the duration of the power.

The power can also be used to lower an opponent’s Trait. This is an opposed roll against the victim’s Spirit. Success lowers any Trait of the caster’s choice one step; a raise lowers it two steps. A Trait cannot be lowered below a d4. Multiple castings stack, though the caster must keep track of when each casting expires as usual.

Additional Targets: The power may affect an additional target for every additional Power Point spent, up to a maximum of five targets. All targets share the same effect and Trait affected.

Medicinal Elixir
Power Healing Rank Novice Power Points 3 Range Touch Duration Instant
A strangely-flavored drink. Guaranteed to cure what ails you!

Healing repairs recent bodily damage. It must be used within the “Golden Hour,” though, for it has no effect on wounds more than one hour old.

For Wild Cards, each use of the healing spell removes a wound with a success, two with a raise. The roll suffers a penalty equal to the victim’s wounds (in addition to any the caster might be suffering himself).

For Extras, the GM must first determine if the ally is dead (see Aftermath on page 78 of Savage Worlds Deluxe). If so, no healing may be attempted. If not, a successful arcane skill roll returns the ally to the game Shaken.

Healing can also cure poison and disease if used within 10 minutes of the event.

Miracle in a Bottle!
Power Greater Healing Rank Veteran Power Points 10/20 Range Touch Duration Instant
A thick, foul-tasting liquid.

Greater healing restores wounds more than one hour old. This use of the power requires 10 Power Points and otherwise works exactly like the healing power. It can also be used to neutralize any poison, disease, or sickness.

Greater healing can also heal Permanent Crippling Injuries. This requires an arcane skill roll at –4, 1d6 hours of time, and 20 Power Points. Only one casting is permitted per injury — if it fails, the injury really is permanent.

Restorative Tonic
Power Succor Rank Novice Power Points 1 Range Touch Duration Instant
A saccharine-sweet tonic with a little kick!

Succor removes one Fatigue level, two with a raise. It can also remove a character’s Shaken status.

Succor may be used to restore consciousness to those who have been Incapacitated due to wounds as well, though the wounds remain. It does not stop bleeding or otherwise stop mortal wounds from worsening, however.

Liquid Smoke Grenade
Power Stun Rank Novice Power Points 2 Range 12/24/48 Duration Special
A vial full of a silvery substance. When it shatters, it explodes and relases a cloud of choking gas.

Stun shocks a target with concussive force, sound, light, magical energy, or the like.

If the arcane character scores a success, the target must make a Vigor roll to resist it. With a raise, the target must make the Vigor roll at –2. If the target fails, he is Stunned.

Area of Effect: For +2 power points, stun affects everyone in a Medium Burst Template. For +3 power points, it affects everyone in a Large Burst Template.


  • Wagon
  • Chemistry set


  • Invigoration oil (boost trait) x3
  • Debilitation oil (lower trait) x2
  • Miracle in a Bottle! (greater healing) x1
  • Medicinal elixir (healing) x3
  • Liquid smoke grenade (stun) x5
  • Restorative tonic (succor) x10

Wealth and Currency

Savings $


Total XP: 63 Rank: Heroic
XP Rank Advance
5 Novice Alchemy
10 Novice Snakeoil Salesman
15 Novice New Power (Stun)
20 Seasoned New Power (Boost/Lower Trait)
25 Seasoned New Power (Succor)
30 Seasoned Healer
35 Seasoned Charismatic
40 Veteran Weird Science d8, Knowledge (Occult) d8
45 Veteran New Power (Greater Healing)
50 Veteran Agility d6
55 Veteran Throwing d4, Riding d4
60 Heroic Repair d6, Weird Science d10


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