Power - Shootist
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When a hexslinger takes the shootist power, he learns 13 secret runes. With this knowledge, he can prepare bullets that deliver effects few powers can duplicate. Moreover, these rounds can be fired by anyone, not just the creator! The downside to using these effects is they must be prepared ahead of time.

The caster can divide a maximum of half her normal Power Points among as many bullets as she wishes—see the costs below. But these Power Points are “tied up” in the bullets until they’re fired. A single bullet can hold only one rune.

Mad Science devices cannot be used for a Hexslinger’s chosen weapon or as ammunition for the shootist power.

Accurately carving the proper rune into a bullet typically requires 1 minute. A rushed hexslinger can carve one as an action for double the Power Point cost—the bullet still has to be loaded into a weapon. When the bullet’s carved, the gunman must make a Hexslinging roll (at –2 if the hexslinger is carving on the fly). Failure means the bullet is ruined, and will misfire if used, and the Power Points expended.

Success means the bullet works as described when fired, in addition to inflicting the weapon’s usual damage. Attack powers require a Shooting roll to hit, as usual. Because only a Shooting roll is needed to activate these bullets, the hero can hand them off to others for use without penalty (except for those “tied up” Power Points).

The shootist power can be used to engrave any of the 13 effects listed below, as long as the hero meets the Rank requirement.

  • Ammo Whammy (Veteran, 3 Power Points): The bullet bearing this rune is considered a Heavy Weapon.
  • Argent Agony (Veteran, 3 Power Points): The bullet etched with this rune affects a being as though it were composed of its Weakness. The hexslinger must know the specific Weakness he wants to mimic when she etches the rune. If a creature can only be harmed by magic, the bullet also counts as magical. But this power doesn’t work against Servitors’ Weaknesses—no rune can match the Reckoners’ power.
  • Bullet With Your Name on It (Seasoned, 2 Power Points): This rune allows the shootist to ignore 2 points of Cover. The bullet ricochets or simply travels “around” the obstacle.
  • Ghost Bullet (Novice, 1 Power Point): The bullet with this rune carved into it inflicts nonlethal damage.
  • Guidin’ Light (Seasoned, 2 Power Points): Firing this “flare” bullet into the night sky removes Illumination penalties in the immediate area for 1 minute. If fired indoors, roll a d6: On a 4–6, the bullet ignites any flammable materials it strikes.
  • Kentucky Windage (Heroic, 4 Power Points): This rune doubles the Range of a bullet and allows the shooter to ignore 2 points of penalties from any source.
  • Knife Through Butter (Novice, 1 Power Point): This rune grants a bullet +4 AP.
  • Loaded for Bear (Novice, 1 Power Point): This rune adds +1 die type to the weapon’s damage.
  • Longbarrel Special (Seasoned, 2 Power Points): The bullet carved with this rune ignores 2 points of Range penalties.
  • Sacramento Surprise (Seasoned, 2 Power Points): This rune adds +1 die of energy damage—acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sound—to a bullet. The hexslinger determines the effect when the rune is carved.
  • Segmented Shell (Veteran, 3 Power Points): This rune causes the bullet to explode when it strikes a target, inflicting its damage in a Medium Burst Template.
  • Shrapnel Storm (Heroic, 4 Power Points): This rune causes the bullet to spray shrapnel in all directions when it strikes a target, inflicting its damage in a Large Burst Template. It is a Heavy Weapon.
  • Spherical Shell (Seasoned, 2 Power Points): This rune causes the bullet to fragment when it strikes a target, inflicting its damage in a Small Burst Template.
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