Hindrance - Degeneration

Degeneration’s worst effect is the crushing sense of alienation the Harrowed experiences. No matter how noble or infamous they were in life, no buckaroo wants to feel their body rot away, and few can endure the horror and revulsion their appearance causes in the living. In fact, being near living people causes them physical pain. For every hour a Harrowed with this Hindrance spends among typical folks, roll Spirit at –2; on a failure, the deader is Fatigued, and on snake eyes they're Exhausted.

The presence of characters with Arcane Backgrounds doesn't cause Fatigue, nor do other Wild Cards and allied Extras who spend enough time with the deader to become accustomed to their appearance—a process that takes about two in-game weeks. This means the Harrowed can at least get along with their posse, even if they're not welcome anywhere else.

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