Hindrance - Coup Counter
Coup Counter Minor

Your brave always tries to count coup on an enemy before entering combat. If there is an opponent your hero can potentially reach in one round (Pace plus running die for the character, a mount, or other conveyance), the first action they take must be to count coup by touching that foe with theircoup stick. If you want your character to perform another action (such as an attack) instead, you must spend a Fate Chip (any color) to make it happen. Counting coup requires a successful Touch Attack (Fighting +2) with the stick. This “attack” must do no damage to count for coup.

On the positive side, tribes who follow the coup tradition (primarily those of the Plains) typically afford a coup seeker greater status. When the Marshal rolls for a random NPC Reaction for them (as opposed to a predetermined one), he adds +2 to the roll.

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