Edge - Unholy Host
Unholy Host Harrowed

The Harrowed can gather a group of five allied Extras that travel with the deader and lend aid when needed. But in this case, the allies are all dead…well, undead to be exact.

To use the Edge, the Harrowed must have five or more corpses in the immediate vicinity, in reasonably complete shape. With a successful Spirit test (–2) the deader raises five Walkin’ Dead (see the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook) to act as servants, bodyguards, or what-have-you. It takes about five minutes to get the corpses up and moving.

These walkin’ dead are ruthless and unwavering allies. The Harrowed doesn’t have a mental link with the Unholy Host, but when given orders, the corpses are bound to follow them. But they’re also evil incarnate, and clever in their interpretations. Give them an inch, and they’ll leave a slew of bloody corpses for a mile. Think of them as devious children interpreting their orders in the most literal and harmful way possible.

Other than that, they’re completely loyal and they won’t let their champion die if they can help it. They might let them suffer and may get a good laugh out of it, but if the Harrowed dies, they die too—again. Only when all five members of a Host are destroyed can the Harrowed use this Edge to raise five more allies.

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