Edge - Undead Contortion
Undead Contortion Harrowed

The Undead Contortion Edge allows a Harrowed to dislocate pretty much any and every bone in her body—including shoulder blades, ribs, and pelvis. In a really tight spot, a Harrowed with this power can even break and crush her own skull.

To squeeze through a gap up to about the width of the Harrowed’s skull, the deader rolls Spirit. With a successful roll, as an action the undead simply pops some bones out of their sockets and slips through the gap. This causes the cowpoke two automatic wounds, or one wound with a raise on the Spirit die, which cannot be Soaked.

If the Harrowed needs to get through a tighter spot, they have to crack their own noggin. When this situation arises, the contortionist
can fit through incredibly tight spaces, down to about 3 inches in diameter (small enough to ooze down a drainpipe, by the way). But this is fairly dangerous, as the Harrowed suffers two automatic wounds—or one with a raise—plus an additional 2d6 damage applied directly to the head. Again, Bennies cannot negate this damage.

One last note: Anyone who happens to stumble upon a Harrowed in his contorted, busted-up state must make a Fear check as soon as they realize they're actually “alive.”

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