Edge - Spiritual Barbwire
Spiritual Barbwire Harrowed

This Edge allows a deader to create a barrier that keeps out ghosts, poltergeists, and other ethereal entities—it has no affect on physical entities. The Harrowed makes a Spirit roll and then places a Medium Burst Template centered on himself. The Spiritual Barbwire persists as long as the cowpoke concentrates on it, which inflicts a –2 penalty on other Trait rolls.

Entities wishing to enter the Template must make an opposed Spirit check against the deader’s total. If they fail, they cannot pass the barrier while the Edge remains active. Spiritual Barbwire stops the entity from passing through, but does not prevent it from “normal” actions such as Intimidation or throwing physical objects. If any living creature of rat-size or larger that started inside the circle crosses to the outside, the Edge is negated and must be reactivated with another Spirit roll.

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