Edge - Spirit Sight
Spirit Sight Harrowed

To use this Edge, the Harrowed sits quietly and enters a deep trance. With a success on a Spirit roll, he peeks through his manitou’s eyes at the surrounding spirit world. The deader maintains Spirit Sight as long as he concentrates, so it counts as an action for each round maintained. If he somehow suffers damage—Shaken, or one or more wounds—while in the trance, the vision ends immediately.

The Harrowed can view such things as manitous swirling around a powerful huckster, how dark a general location is (representing its Fear Level), magical effects on people or objects, or even whether or not a manitou is wriggling around inside of someone. In the latter case, the manitou’s demeanor might even indicate whether it currently controls its Harrowed host. Objects in the real world are somewhat visible in the Hunting Grounds—walls block one’s view, for example—so the deader isn’t completely blind to real-world events while in the trance.

Additionally, any creature with the Fear Special Ability leaves a dark trail through the spirit world. Up to one hour after an abomination has moved through an area, it leaves a faintly glowing spoor of pure evil. A Harrowed with Dark Vision can use Tracking to follow such trails as long as he maintains his ability.

Staring into the maddening Hunting Grounds causes the Harrowed incredible mental strain. When the vision ends, the Harrowed must roll Vigor or suffer a level of Fatigue that persists for exactly as long as the deader spent viewing the spirit world.

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