Edge - Speakin’ With the Dead
Speakin' With the Dead Harrowed

They say that after death a person’s memories linger inside his carcass. Harrowed with this Edge can speak with the truly dead by tapping into those residual recollections.

Questioning the dead is more like browsing through a book than actually talking with the person. The desired information may be in there somewhere, but who knows what page it’s on? And considering the book is rotting away, who knows how much longer that page is going to be legible? When a Harrowed questions the dead, only another undead can hear the whispery, unimaginably melancholy replies.

While questioning a corpse, a Harrowed can’t take any other actions—including free actions. In order to hear the corpse’s answers, they need silence in the area. (This means the Edge can’t be used in a cemetery, because the rustling voices of the other dead make concentration impossible! The inquisitor has to dig up the body and cart it elsewhere.)

The first requirement to use this Edge is a corpse that’s been dead for less than the Harrowed’s Smarts die in months. The Harrowed makes an opposed Spirit roll against the Spirit the corpse had in life (if unknown, the Marshal decides).

Success means the questioner learns one piece of information or the answer to one specific question. Each raise on the Spirit roll garners one more piece of information. The Harrowed can try again but the maximum number of answers from any one corpse equals the deader’s Spirit die type. Any failure costs the Harrowed 1d6 answers as part of the brain has rotted away.

On snake eyes, a manitou enters the body and pretends to be the person’s memories. It likely lies, but then again it may tell the truth. It takes a Notice roll at –6 to avoid being fooled unless someone has a way to sense the evil worm’s presence. Either way, all further answers are lost!

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