Edge - Mimic
Mimic Harrowed

The Harrowed can force their manitou to duplicate a power they have just witnessed, as long as it’s powered by another manitou. This includes hucksters’ and hexslingers’ hexes, other Harrowed Edges, coup powers, black magic, and even weird science gizmos—but not chi mastery, miracles, or tribal medicine.

To Mimic a supernatural ability, the Harrowed must beat the original caster—whom they have just seen employ the power—in an opposed Spirit roll. With a success, the Harrowed can immediately cast the same power once, exactly as the original caster did. On a raise, the deader can cast the power once during the current battle or scene. But only once, pardner.

The Harrowed uses this new ability exactly as the being he stole it from. Even the Trait die used to activate the power—if there is one—is considered the same as that of the character with the original power. Of course, if the ability has a chance of Backlash, the Harrowed may suffer Backlash as well.

Additionally, stealing someone else’s thunder isn’t without danger. If the deader fails the roll, the manitou channels the recoil from the Hunting Grounds directly into the Harrowed—a spiritual blast of 2d6 damage straight to the guts, ignoring armor.

One caveat: Certain powers come directly from the Reckoners—usually only granted to particular kinds of abominations—and cannot be Mimicked. The Marshal can outlaw stealing certain powers they don’t want stolen at their discretion. Sorry, pardner!

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